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About Measure D ….

Excluding text from

ballot book unlawful

“‘We didn’t overtly omit anything. We followed the statutes, and nobody ever indicated they had any problems. They’re requesting something that can’t lawfully be placed on the ballot,” DeGraw said.'”

The above quote from county counsel was taken from an article in the Oct. 11 edition of The Union and refers to the county’s failure to include the text of Measure D in the sample ballot mailed to registered voters. If you look at the sample ballot mailed from the state, you will see that it contains the complete text of all the measures being submitted to the voters by the state.

Someone, either at the state level or the county level, has done something unlawful, and that person should either rectify the situation or be arrested and prosecuted.

Gerald Anderson


Despite scare tactics

vote yes on D

Scare tactics/misinformation are being used by opponents.

All property owners are covered, not just developers.

Ten million dollars a year claims: If such claims they would have to be addressed with or without D.

It will not force the county to lower its development standards. If supervisors follow the General Plan, nothing happens; if they introduce more intrusive governmental restrictions then they expose the county to claims.

Present appeal system is costly/cumbersome to property owner. Measure D puts appeal on a local basis – Superior Court.

The BOS contracted firm said they could not stand behind their study!

Vote yes to allow the developing process.

Joe Vielbig

Penn Valley

If D passes, county can’t refuse developers

Measure D proponents say they’re worried about government taking away property value.

But local homeowners know their property values keep increasing.

Why vote to kill a fairly good system? Because Measure D backers own big commercial parcels and imagine big profits.

The Union reported on a ski-lodge owner who started this movement so he could sell out more profitably.

If Measure D wins, the county can’t say “no” to a developer. Instead of local control, we get a speculators’ free-for-all. A few shortsighted investors might gain, but most homeowners would risk lower property value and poorer quality of life.

David Unterman

Grass Valley

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