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‘Aborted’ baby lives

Many people honestly believe that when a child is in the mother’s womb it is not a person, but a blob of tissue. That is how they can be pro-choice. I don’t understand otherwise how to justify killing a baby.

But listen here all you oblivious people, it’s a baby, a living human being. Blobs of tissue don’t have heartbeats 18 days after conception. And blobs of tissue do not survive abortion.

Gianna Jessen was not a blob of tissue. But that is what Planned Parenthood told her 17-year-old mother, Tina. In April 1997, Tina went to a clinic called Avalon Hospital in Los Angeles, seeking an abortion. She chose a saline abortion for her child.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when the doctor takes a very long needle and injects it into the pregnant woman’s stomach and takes out the amniotic fluid and replaces it with an acidic salt solution. Over several hours, usually 12 to 32, the acid eats away at the under developed baby. Then the mother delivers a still birth. A dead baby.

Gianna was too strong to die at the command of her mother and was born weak and premature, but alive. Today Gianna is scarred and suffers from cerebral palsy but uses her remarkable miracle of life to speak out against abortion.

If it were only a blob of tissue I would be pro-choice. But blobs of tissue don’t live to tell about abortion. People are people. Born or unborn.

If you would like to look more into Gianna’s story, a wonderful true story about a girl too strong to die, you can read her biography by Jessica Shaver called: “Gianna, Aborted and Lived to Tell About It.”

Katie Cozad

Rough and Ready

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