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A slippery slope

Recently, two letters to the editor using Web sites as sources came up with questionable claims. The first letter stated that Saddam’s capture was staged as a photo-op the next day.

The second letter supports the theory it is really an oil war. Staging a photo-op, if true, would have been widely exploited by the media, both conservative and liberal. Perhaps the media, after “Rathergate,” uses better vetting procedures.

Claiming that it is an “oil war” based on a “Google search” to Paul O’Neill, a respected Republican, presents one opinion. The search might show that they were concerned with protecting these resources from sabotage by the elite guard and interested in how these resources might be made available for the use of the Iraqi people.

The U.N. scandal on food for oil might support that it truly was an oil war and the corrupt use of these funds. However, I found nothing to support this on any links to Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity & Combs, or Fox to justify this position. Let’s just state, it’s a slippery slope and leave it at that.

John Howard


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