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A new kind of immigrant

Immigration has certainly gotten to be a hot topic in America ” from our nation’s Congress to local coffee shops.

Considering that we are a nation of immigrants and descendants of immigrants this subject should not get two lines in the daily newspaper. The key difference is that nowadays the wave of immigrants pouring into America over our southern border are “Illegal” immigrants. By definition, illegal means, “against the law.” Now this invasion has been going on for so long that the Mexicans (and other Latinos) can’t understand what all the fuss is about. They have been crossing our border illegally for generations.

The Mexicans come here for the same reason the bulk of our forefathers did: to improve their lot in life. Here they can earn ten or twenty times as much as they can in Mexico. And they send many billions of dollars back home to support their families and to build a nice house in Mexico for themselves. Unlike our forefathers, it appears that the bulk of (illegal) Latino immigrants are here only for the money and plan to retire to their native villages. They do not plan to become Americans. They often do not even bother to learn English. So they are a special kind of self-appointed “Guest Workers” who don’t think they need to pay taxes, but who use our schools, and hospitals and roads with no qualms. This a stark difference with our forefathers who adopted America as their country.

The Mexicans say they are essential part of our economy and that we cannot do without them. Perhaps what our government should do is to pass a law to expeditiously bring in several million Guest Workers from countries where people are eager to come to American and ” most importantly ” where they speak English and want to be American.

I suspect that the Philippines and Indian governments would be happy to cooperate in this venture.

Concurrently, our Federal government should void the granting of citizenship to children of illegal immigrants. The existing policy of creating families that are partially legal and partially illegal makes no sense. It only alienates the Mexicans families who are in this condition.

I hope that our Congress stops playing politics and resolves this situation promptly. Mexicans who come (and stay) here legally are more than welcome. And if they want to become citizens of the United States then they must learn English and take the tests that so many millions before them have done. If they want to come here for just a short time in order to make much more money than they could work at home, lets given them that opportunity with a reasonable “Guest Worker” program (not 6 years).

In any event, our Congress must cut the Gordian Knot and get on with it.

Dick Phillips lives in Alta Sierra

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