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Yuba County deputies find almost 1K pot plants in bust

Yuba County deputies found over 900 suspected pot plants during the execution of a search warrant.

Yuba County sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday netted 948 suspected marijuana plants and made an arrest at an unlicensed indoor pot grow in the Edgewater Circle development south of Marysville.

Chun Yuan, 40, of New York, was apprehended off-site by deputies after he fled the residence, Sgt. Brandon Spears said.

Yuan was charged with unlicensed cultivation and possession for sale.

Spears said this is the first marijuana grow seizure in Edgewater in three years.

According to Spears, deputies and code enforcement officers have been working on this particular residence for several years. He called it a somewhat sophisticated grow operation with several factors implemented into the home to help mask it from law enforcement.

Spears said PG&E meters were bypassed and windows darkened to help keep the grow hidden from authorities.

Deputies found multiple code violations upon entering the residence. Fire, electrical and environmental were the three main violations that deputies noticed in the residence, Spears said.

A restroom was changed into a grow room, with fluorescent lighting implemented and water hoses from the shower to help feed the numerous plants in the rooms.

Spears said about 90% of the plants found in the residence were likely used for cloning. Cloning pot plants are used in many operations to maintain high quality, potency and a similar genetic code as the mother plant.

The home in Edgewater was pinpointed by a citizen complaint as a potential grow operation, Spears said.

He said there are several ways the public can notice a potential indoor grow in a neighborhood: look for “inconsistencies” with a normal residence, like shades drawn on all the windows, overgrown grass and people coming and going at odd hours of the night.

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