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Yuba County authorities seize over 2K marijuana plants at Oregon House

Rachel Rosenbaum
Special to The Union

MARYSVILLE — It seems that each illegal marijuana grow bust surprises law enforcement more than the last.

Deputies from the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Eradication Team Yuba (METYu) seized 2,423 plants early Monday from a converted Oregon House home, arresting one of two men who fled the scene.

Nearly all of the 10-acre plot in the 9100 block of Westwood Trail was used for growing and processing marijuana: bedrooms and a garage had been converted into growing areas, and a stretch outside the home was covered in black tarp to catch any leftover marijuana flower during harvest.

Deputies also seized over 140 pounds of processed marijuana packaged for sale, which they believe would have gone over state lines, Sgt. Brandon Spear said.

The bust was at least the 15th since May and was spotted during a flyover of the Yuba County foothills, though the growers attempted to shield the plants beneath tree coverage.

There were fire hazards all over the property with electrical wiring not up to code, Spear said, and environmental hazards with open chemicals left on the ground.

“It’s one of the most elaborate I’ve seen,” he said. “There’s definitely a lot of money tied up here.”

Eleven personnel from the METYu team, sheriff’s office and Yuba County Code Enforcement processed the home. The bust adds to the over 12,000 plants seized by the team since May, which Spear said he hopes sends a message that criminal growing in the jurisdiction won’t be tolerated.

Two men ran from the property once deputies arrived, Spear said, though one was later caught and arrested: 56-year-old Chung Chan of Texas, who was booked into Yuba County Jail on suspicion of illegal cultivation of cannabis, possessing cannabis for sale, and evading or resisting police.

Rachel Rosenbaum is a reporter for the Marysville Appeal-Democrat.

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