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Wolf Mountain Day Spa

A place for pampering and so much more!

Wolf Mountain Day Spa is located at 110 E Main St. in downtown Grass Valley.  To learn more or book an appointment for services, call 530-477-2340 or visit https://wolfmountaindayspa.xyz/

We are living in stressful times. Right now, you are probably filled with tension.  Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, sit up straight, feel the tension leaving your body.  There, isn’t that better?  Now imagine that feeling, multiply it by 1000, and you will have a slight inkling of how it feels to enjoy the services at Wolf Mountain Day Spa.

Conveniently located in Downtown Grass Valley, Wolf Mountain is a full service day spa offering several types of massage and facial services including microblading, waxing, natural mani/pedis, and so much more.  The facility also offers electrolysis, making it the only place in town where the hair removal service is available.  But beyond that, Wolf Mountain Day Spa is an oasis in the middle of town; a place to escape the stresses of everyday life and melt away the tension that we’re holding on to. 

New owner Dan Wray has been hard at work adding touches of tranquility and state of the art services that cannot be found anywhere else in Western Nevada County.  He has created a special relaxation room with a water feature and a fish tank filled with mesmerizing tropical fish so that if you have to wait for your service, even that time is filled with deep relaxation.  Dan’s partner, Coco, is a master esthetician and performs specialized facials using the latest techniques and products.

 “When you walk in, you feel like you’re special.  There are not a lot of products to be sold as we are about providing service and offering an oasis,” Wray said.  “We are helping people to look and feel their best emotionally, physically and spiritually.” 

An Ahhhhmazing Experience

Choose from a grand variety of massage services to fit your lifestyle and schedule.   You begin your experience with a 30 minute session in the private steam room to begin melting your tension away.  From there, you can choose your own massage adventure, and opt for sessions that last either 60 or 90 minutes.  Or, if you’re short on time but want to fit some relaxation into your day, you can get a 30 minute mini-massage. 

Upon emerging from his first ever massage, 93-year-old WWII veteran Tony Martin said of his experience, “It was fantastic.  I can’t wait to do it again. This place is out of sight!”

Massage options include hot stone therapy in which large, warm basalt stones are skillfully placed to release heat and dissolve stress and pain; deep tissue massage which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension; a Mountain Classic massage in which the therapist integrates different massage techniques together in a customized session to relax muscles and ease stress; or a Swedish style tranquility massage which improves circulation and rejuvenates the mind.  There are also specialized prenatal and sports massages that you can select if those suit your personal needs.  Want a romantic experience?  Try a side-by-side couples massage!

In addition to standard massages, Wolf Mountain offers a special experience that uses Reiki energy and an integrated massage technique for a 70 minute trip to nirvana.  Lucia’s Integrated Body Work massage begins with a relaxing 30 minute trip to the European steam room.  Lucia then uses her specialized knowledge of energy work to intuitively know what points of the body need attention and how best to address each area of tension for a full relaxation session.  Using hot stones, essential oils, and her intuitive healing energy Lucia achieves a complete melding and melting of body, mind, and spirit. 

Marvin, another newer client that had his third back surgery in December, has been getting weekly massages from Lucia and has found that her ability to recognize the trouble spots and build a progression of treatments has been extremely helpful. He is quick to point out, however, that massages from Reggie or Stephanie certainly don’t disappoint either.

A Healthy Glow

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and one that we largely ignore.  Give your skin the love that it deserves with a facial or body treatment.  Get a Pure Bliss Body Glow full body exfoliation scrub, or try a French Marine Mud Renewal to detoxify and remineralize your body. 

Wolf Mountain offers a grand selection of facial options depending on your needs.  Whether you are battling acne or “backne,” dry or oily skin, discoloration, or if the march of time has etched its lines upon your face, they have a facial for that.

Coco Wray is truly a master of her craft, and offers a facial that is thorough yet gentle and leaves the skin soft and supple with fewer lines and improved elasticity.  She begins by steaming the face to open the pores and then gently exfoliates and clears them before infusing the pores with a mixture of Vitamin C and collagen.  She ends with a deep tissue shoulder, neck, and head massage and you emerge with skin that is visibly smoother and soft as a rose petal.  For the best results, Coco recommends scheduling regular facials. “The skin regenerates every 28 days, so it is ideal to do facials every month,” she explained.

Another thing that can help keep your face looking younger and evenly toned is daily use of quality skin products.  Wray has his own skincare line, D-more Industries, that is sold worldwide at over 700 doctors offices and hospitals and that you will never find online.  Each item is made fresh every month from medical grade collagen, white tea extract, BVSO-C, peptides, and other natural ingredients.  The collagen is organic and can be used in medical procedures.  These products are used in wound care, post-surgical care, bed sores, and more.  In addition, it helps with fine lines and aging, hyper pigmentation (sun damage), and skin tone.  “We don’t bleach the skin, we help the body heal from within,” he said.

Intimate Services

Wolf Mountain welcomes OB/GYN Dr. Duncan Turner from Santa Barbara two days each month. His nurse practitioner is also available by appointment as needed.  This allows Wolf Mountain to offer some big city services that have previously not been available in Nevada County.  “Most of our clients are women, and they feel comfortable speaking to an expert about female related problems from STDs to lack of orgasm,” Wray said.  “A lot of people have said they love the idea of one stop shopping, and we want to provide the services that our customers want.”

Such services include the P- Shot and O-Shot, a procedure that uses Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to stimulate the penis or clitoris to enhance or re-gain sexual pleasure.  Either Dr. Turner or his Nurse Practitioner can administer the P-shot, which restores the function to a penis that has lost its ability to self-rise, or O-shot which restores the ability of a woman to orgasm if she has difficulty due to age or menopause.

Other services include intimate lightening, a procedure that lightens the skin on the inner thighs, underarms, vagina, anus, or anywhere else where you are experiencing pigmentation problems.  Wray explains why people choose to opt for vaginal or anal bleaching: “The porn industry gave us fake breasts, Brazilian waxes, and the newest trend with porn is bleached nether regions.  We are giving people what they have asked for.   It appears that times and expectations have changed.  Those getting back into the dating world are faced with a new set of standards that did not exist when they began dating one or several decades ago.” 

In addition to these unique services, Wolf Mountain Day Spa will soon begin to offer yoga classes to enhance the well-being services offered there. 

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