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Why do people turn to intuitives?

Have you ever been curious about an intuitive reading? Do you wonder why people seek out readers and what kinds there are?

The upcoming Mind Body Spirit Health Fair at the Miners Foundry will have a variety of intuitive readers who discern information from the realm of the unknown.

They are experienced in different techniques including: Astrology – an ancient scientific forecasting system dating back to 250BC; Tarot – a 600 year old pictorial method for gaining insight; Numerology – an ancient method of studying numbers to better know yourself; Intuition – the ability to know something without rational thought; Psychic Readings – having extrasensory, or sixth sense knowledge.

Below are some comments from practitioners who give readings. This thumbnail sketch may help you understand the mysterious world of the unknown and unseen.

Why do people use your services?

Donna Fisher-Jackson, Intuitive Iris

As an Intuitive Counselor, clients usually come for a counseling session when they are going through some transition in their life whether it is in relationship, career, family or life purpose. They are seeking guidance. I help them to connect with their own inner guidance as well as give them insight into the bigger picture through their astrology birth chart and through the mythic Tarot cards.

Emerald Alurin Stara

People come to me to explore questions and concerns that are important in their lives. Transition periods are especially fertile times for seeking a reading. It is a positive and reflective way of viewing one’s strengths, challenges, options, and influences at any given time.

A productive reading is an alchemical and co-creative process that supports: greater wisdom and understanding, clear and creative choices, healthy directions, conscious life transitions, and spiritual connection. It also calls forth the client’s own knowledge, intuition and instincts, which is an empowering experience.

Monique “MoMo” Marzo, DIVINE MATTERS, Spiritual Intuitive

As an Intuitive, I always remind my clients that we are ‘Spiritual Beings’ in a ‘Physical Manifestation.’ It is my honor to assist, helping to create a “meeting” where your guides are able to communicate with you.

When mind, body and spirit are in balance, we experience a divine sense of well-being. We no longer need to suffer. My mantra: Honor yourself and heal the past, empower yourself by embracing the present, reinvent yourself to realize the future.

Mary K. Greer, Tarot reader and author of eight books including “Tarot for Your Self” and “Understanding the Tarot Court.”

People use readings to alleviate anxiety, achieve desires, and find meaning, leading to an increase in awareness or consciousness. Everyone reads intuitively, all the time, by putting together subtle perceptions into meaningful patterns.

A reading merely sets aside a time and space and chooses a mechanism and language through which these perceptions can be interpreted more precisely. A reader is skilled in reading the language of the particular tool or method and in helping a person relate it to his or her life situation.

Charlotte Webber, Medium using Numerology

I have the ability to speak with and see people in Spirit, those who have passed over. People come to me to receive answers from loved ones. One such session was for an older brother and sister who didn’t know the reasons for their mother’s behavior toward them. During the session, the mother came in and very carefully explained her behavior to them.

The siblings left the session with a smile on their faces, a weight off their shoulders and a very positive look ahead. There are many wonderful messages that can come from those who have already departed. None of this work or the gifts of Spirit are meant to scare us, but to be of help as long as we have an open mind and heart.

Bennett Dear, Starr Phoenix Institute, Tarot reader

The Tarot is nothing more than a tool that helps me tap into the client’s higher consciousness. Everyone’s energy is like a multi-faceted diamond, but we can only look at one facet at a time.

The Tarot allows us to examine more facets of our diamond by bringing them to the light. The client can then gain a broader perspective on the situation and develop better choices. Each of these choices, in turn, can then be explored to the benefit of all.

Lola Jacques, Intuitive Life Readings, Dance of Life Productions

I feel most people want to know what is happening in their life. They are at a crossroad and they are unsure about what direction to take. An intuitive reading can assist an individual to unblock obstacles and to move on in a positive direction. It will provide valuable insight that is clear and direct. The reading will leave the individual feeling empowered and have a sense of well-being.


You can meet these readers and others at the Mind Body Spirit Health Fair, March 19 & 20 at The Miners Foundry Cultural Center. For more information, call 530-265-5040 or visit http://www.minersfoundry.org

Suzie Daggett is the TV host of Healing INsights on NCTV, and the publisher of INSIGHT, the Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; she can be reached at 265-9255 or http://www.insightdirectory.com

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