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What to know about generators according to a Nevada County Consolidated officer

The Union staff

During the power outages, two common types of generators are used: portable and home back-up generators.

If people are using the former technology, they need to be careful, said Nathan Menth, fire captain and public information officer for Nevada County Consolidated Fire.

Portable generators should be used to power specific items like medical equipment and refrigerators, said Menth. Individuals should not attempt to power their homes with this technology.

“The idea is to power few, key items safely through rated extension chords,” said Menth. Essentially, he said: “Portable generators need to be plugged into. They don’t plug into the house.”

Back-up generators need to be properly installed, he said, the installer having followed guidelines closely.

With the use of things like camping stove heaters, or technology that burns petroleum fuel, Menth said such things need to be used in open, well ventilated environments — not inside ones’ home.

When power eventually does return, individuals running generators — either portable or stationary — should be fine as long as they use them properly.

Back-up generators, for example, should shut down automatically if they were installed under the guidelines of their manufacturers’ instructions, said Menth.

The consolidated officer suggested people continue to remain fire-wise, since we’re not out of fire season yet.

“We can still promote safe practices within our boundaries,” said Menth, adding that early notification and awareness of possible danger can assist in “saving property and lives.”

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