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At the end of a curving country road, Louise Ivy, who co-owns Ivy Photography with daughter Alicia Berardi, welcomed me into her warm, inviting home/studio to discuss her 11th Annual Wedding Fair. “The event, to be held Sunday, February 8, 2004 was an outcome of repeated requests of brides for help with finding vendors,” Ivy smiled. “Without a wedding coordinator, the job falls on the shoulders of the bride which adds stress to her special day. Or the photographer or caterer shoulders some of the load, which diminishes their ability to devote complete attention to their job,” she added.

“The bride and her family should be able to enjoy the romance and joy of the day,” Ivy continued. “Brilliant photographs are achieved when the bride and groom are relaxed. Good expressions come from the eyes, the camera captures that look. Relaxed brides make for memorable photographs.”

But as a ‘soon to be bride’ how do you create that relaxed fairytale wedding? Engaged couples can quickly find themselves in the same dilemma as the stressed White Rabbit in the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. The harried rabbit constantly looks at his watch lamenting, “I’m late! I’m late; for a very important date!” Alice followed that tardy, stressed out rabbit and immediately found herself in an upside, inside, lopsided make believe world. But stop! Take a big breath and relax. Beth Wilson Hickman, owner of Storybook Weddings, a Professional Wedding Coordinating firm can save you from falling down the Mad Hatter’s rabbit-hole.

After coordinating and planning her own wedding, Hickman, with the help of her mother, Jan Wilson knew first hand the hours of planning and organizing that go into creating a beautiful wedding day. The wedding was a success and everything they had hoped it would be. “Hey,” they thought, “we are good at this!” That was 12 years ago, Jan Wilson has since retired, but not before she and her daughter co-authored “HOW TO HAVE AN ELEGANT WEDDING FOR $5,000 OR LESS, Achieving Beautiful Simplicity Without Mortgaging Your Future”.

“I’ve conjured up a wedding in as little as six weeks and have had the luxury of planning one over 18 months. Somewhere in the middle is where most brides fit,” Hickman said, over a cappuccino.

She laughed easily remembering all the work she did at her own wedding. Her shinning straight brown hair accentuated her misty eyes as she recalled her wedding day. “I think brides and grooms need to remember what the day is really about. They should have the time and energy to connect with each guest and share their special moment in time,” she said.

There is an enormous amount of planning that goes into a wedding.

We’re talking about YOUR WEDDING, not some other persons. YOURS! Wedding consultants save you time! They have the expertise to interview vendors and to help you choose the perfect vendors for your needs. Wedding consultants can even save you money!

Their job is to lessen your stress. When schedules get tight, and demands on the bride or groom’s time increase, then tensions rise.

Wedding coordinators stand between you and a button that flies off at a most inopportune moment and make it all right. They have the expertise to guide you through the maze of planning and coordinating a wedding and can help ease the demands on you. “I really do enjoy helping the bride create the wedding of her dreams,” Hickman said.

For more information, attend the Wedding Fair being held at the Miners Foundry with pen and paper in hand. Meet the vendors, get ideas and learn how to create the Wedding of your dreams.

Ivy Photography

Louise Ivy & Alicia Berardi


Storybook Weddings

Beth Wilson Hickman


A Wedding Checklist:

Eighteen to Ten months before the Wedding:

– Interview and select a Wedding Consultant to save you the time and energy of thinking about the following list.

– Tell the world! Announce your engagement in the newspapers and/or have an engagement party.

– Determine the type and size of wedding you want and start your guest list.

– Select a tentative wedding date and time and plan the wedding budget.

– Research, select and reserve the ceremony and/or reception site.

– Determine who will officiate at the ceremony.

– Select wedding gown and headpiece. Pick your attendants and order their dresses.

– Interview, select and reserve the various vendors: caterer, florist, photographer, videographer, and musicians for the ceremony, DJ or band for the reception.

– Discuss honeymoon plans and shop for the wedding rings.

Six to Ten months before

the Wedding:

– Decide on a color scheme for your wedding.

– Interview, taste test, select and reserve the bakery.

– Determine what is needed from a rental company and reserve those items.

– Make sure all deposits are paid and contracts are signed.

– Determine the requirements for a marriage license.

– Complete your guest list with updated addresses.

– Order invitations, announcements and personal stationery.

– Make arrangement for all groomsmen to be fitted for their tuxes.

– Make arrangements for the rehearsal dinner.

– Make honeymoon reservations.

– Register at a bridal registry in the towns of both families.

Three months before

the Wedding:

– Confirm your gown delivery date and finalize the attendant’s dresses.

– Order the wedding cake.

– Keep your officiant informed of all details of your ceremony.

– Confirm and order all rental items.

One month before

the Wedding:

– Mail the invitations.

– Have your final gown fitting.

– Select and order attendants gifts.

– Discuss rehearsal dinner plans with the hosts.

Two weeks before the


– Fill out all forms necessary for your marriage license.

– Meet with your hairdresser and plan your wedding hair-do.

– If you are changing your name, now is the time to update official documents.

One week before

the Wedding:

– Start packing for that long awaited honeymoon.

– Host an attendant’s luncheon or dinner for the bridesmaids.

– Finalize the exact number of confirmed guests for the caterer.

– Confirm the final details of the ceremony & reception with all the parties involved.

– Prepare checks that are due to vendors on the wedding day.

Your Wedding day:

– Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before your big day.

– Have a nice breakfast. Don’t forget to eat!

– If you have hired a wedding consultant let them guide you through the day.

– Relax and enjoy your wonderful day!

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