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Walking to school would benefit pupils

I read the story the Tuesday, Aug. 19 article in The Union about how hard it will be for children to learn when they don’t have daily school bus service anymore. To me, this sounds like a joke. Since when is it easier to learn when you are juggled around in a noisy school bus, instead of using your God-given legs and get some exercise before school begins?

I think children’s heads would be clearer and their bodies healthier if they would be allowed to walk to school. It is also more fun, as I remember from my own school days. Maybe it is not safe in today’s world? But if many children would walk together and would know where it is safe to cross the street, it would work. There would also be less traffic, because no school buses and no cars would crowd the road. I observe the daily insanity around Lyman Gilmore School, with cars and buses lined up twice a day, creating a big traffic jam and burning up expensive gas.

I also liked Jeff Ackerman’s idea of pooling the public transit and the school buses for common use, if buses are needed. Perhaps the high price of gas will trigger some new thinking all around.

The next day, as soon as I had written this, there appeared the story of the Chicago Park parent and school principal who found a way to make it possible for some of the children to walk to school. I salute them, and I hope many others in this community will follow their good example. It took some doing and expense, but “If there is a will, there is a way,” as the saying goes.

Magdalene Jaeckel

Grass Valley

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