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Volunteers needed for mining exposure impact study

Submitted by Taylor Schobel

Sierra Streams Institute in Nevada City is seeking volunteers to participate in a project called Community Health Impacts from Mining Exposure, or CHIME-3. This project was initiated in 2014 when concerned Nevada County residents asked Sierra Streams to investigate if there was any connection between Nevada County’s high breast cancer rate and heavy metals from historical mining still present in the environment. The project is guided by a group of local community members called the community advisory board, who bring a wide variety of perspectives to the study. So far, the research team, which includes Sierra Streams Institute, University of California, San Francisco and University of Arizona scientists, has found that women with a history of breast cancer in our area do have higher levels of arsenic and cadmium in their bodies, as well as higher arsenic in the soil around their homes.

Sierra Streams is looking for more participants. Participants must be women over the age of 18, and living in one of the nine counties considered part of Gold Country. Participants will work with a scientist to sample their drinking water, the soil around their home, and garden produce (if they have a garden) to be tested for “legacy mining” metals, such as arsenic and cadmium. Those interested in this research can email Taylor at taylor@sierrastreamsinstitute.org or call 530-477-7132, ext. 213.

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