Vevang Design wins Nevada County Contractors’ Association’s 2020 magazine cover contest |

Vevang Design wins Nevada County Contractors’ Association’s 2020 magazine cover contest

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Custom residential home design company Vevang Design won the Nevada County Contractors' Association’s 2020 magazine cover contest, and a Vevang-designed home graces the magazine’s front cover. Kevin and LeiLani Vevang designed the three-bedroom, 2.5-bath house in Lake Wildwood.
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The Nevada County Contractors’ Association’s annual Guide to Building and Remodeling is now available at local newsstands. The guide includes a list of all NCCA members and their industry specialties.

The free, glossy magazine is available at hardware and building supply stores, as well as the NCCA offices at 149 Crown Point Court, Suite A, Grass Valley.

Custom residential home design company Vevang Design won the NCCA’s 2020 magazine cover contest, and a Vevang-designed home graces the magazine’s front cover. The NCCA received more than a dozen entries in this year’s cover photo contest, and a panel of judges selected the Vevang’s custom residential home.

Kevin and LeiLani Vevang designed the three-bedroom, 2.5-bath house in Lake Wildwood.

The Vevangs wear many hats while serving their clients.

“We do everything but the actual construction,” said Kevin. “We draft all construction documents, analyze the site to create grading, drainage, hardscaping and landscaping plans, then work with engineers to obtain building permits with the county. We also design furniture and cabinetry.”

The married couple has worked in the construction industry for more than three decades, and has designed homes all over northern California and the Central Coast.

“Houses evoke emotions,” Kevin said. “When you come in the front door and move through the house, you sense the feel and flow of a good design. It’s subconscious.”

“Our clients tell us, ‘You changed the way we live our lives,’” LeiLani said, adding that their marketing strategy consists of word-of-mouth referrals. “And now we’re doing work for their kids.”

The Vevangs visit a proposed building site at different times of the day.

“We see where the sun comes up in the morning, when it hits the yard, where the rays play when the sun sets,” said LeiLani. “We’ve never done the same house twice. We never could, because each home is site specific and no two clients are alike. The result is an emotionally uplifting house. We are not just redrafting designs from a building plans magazine.”

Special features can be incorporated into a Vevang-designed home if a customer desires, such as integrated passive and active solar, “off the grid” electric Photovoltaics, solar hot water systems, and solar radiant floor heat.

“We were doing solar in the early ‘90s, before solar was cool,” Kevin said. “We never design anything we don’t already know how to build. We know every intimate detail of every plan we prepare.”


Glass stairways and hallways. Ceilings in various heights. Unique and diverse roof lines. All are hallmarks of a Vevang-designed home.

There are no unanswered questions by the time contractors are given the green light to start building.

“We show clients the standard two-dimensional elevations, then turn the presentation into 3D, rotate it, and allow clients to virtually walk through the house and see the views out doors and windows,” said LeiLani. “It’s as specific as, ‘You can be standing here at the island with its granite counter and almost watch your kids walk through that door.’”

“It is much more cost-effective to give clients a virtual walk-through and help them feel comfortable and excited about the house, rather than have contractors ripping and tearing out walls once construction has begun,” said Kevin. “We don’t design houses that can’t be built. I create extremely precise structural drawings with the locations, heights, sizes, and types of beams, posts and other structural members specifically identified.

“I know what end of the hammer to use,” he added.

“We love what we do,” LeiLani said. “Quality, integrity, and cost-effectiveness mean so much. We let clients know what we can provide if their budget is ‘X.’ Perhaps they want to add a wine cellar, but don’t want to increase the budget. We offer options and compromises.”

While some home designers meet with clients a few times and offer a single cookie-cutter design, that’s not how the Vevangs work.

“We really care if our customers are happy,” said Kevin. “You can have a house that costs a half-million to build, but it’s not worth what it cost to build because it has a lousy design. With a good design, that same house may be worth $200,000 more than it cost to build.”

The couple offers clients a free site visit.

“Clients might say, ‘We want something unique that looks like our neighbors’ homes,’” LeiLani said. “That’s when we start the education process. We’ve prevented a lot of million-dollar disaster rodeos and unsightly McMansions.

“For example, if someone wants double doors opening up to a Heritage Oak that they’ll never be allowed to remove, we’ll explain why that’s not a good idea.”

The Vevangs have fallen in love with Nevada County and, over the next few years, will build their own dream home with a detached accessory dwelling unit for Kevin’s parents.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Kevin said.

“Our primary mission isn’t making a bank deposit every week,” LeiLani said. “Our calling is to create art that people love to live in.”

Source: Nevada County Contractors’ Association

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