Vernon slams Meagher’s "intimidation" practices |

Vernon slams Meagher’s "intimidation" practices

Submitted to The Union from the Tina Vernon for Treasurer/Tax Collector campaign

Nevada City-In what appears could be a pattern of intimidation, Tina Vernon’s opponent has

sent, through legal counsel, veiled threats to the Vernon Campaign via the Vernon campaign

website email system. The text of the communique referred to a post on the Tina Vernon for

Treasurer Facebook page, posted by a Vernon supporter.

In correspondence received Friday from a man identifying himself as Thomas Meagher, Esq., of

San Francisco, Vernon was called out for a post made on her campaign Facebook page on

October 6th which made light of Meagher’s past tax lien. The comment, posted by a Vernon

supporter, alluded to the thought that one who fails to pay taxes until hauled into court might not

be the best choice for Tax Collector. The referenced financial indiscretion was brought to light

on a local blog by Dai Meagher, who was taking a swipe at Vernon for a bankruptcy which

occurred when she found herself to be the suddenly single mother of two and sole support of her

young children. The entire situation was brought to the attention of voters, via the blog, to which

Dai Meagher had supplied copies of the bankruptcy paperwork.

Here is the email Vernon’s campaign received from Thomas J. Meagher:

Hello Tina Vernon: Are you aware that a comment from a Mr. Matthias dated October 6th, 2010 posted at 9:30

AM PST uses the term “Tax Cheat” to describe Dai Meagher, candidate for Treasurer and a CPA. Please also

know that earlier this week 1 marked that post, though not the core comment of Mr. Matthias, with a Flag and

Reported it as abusive as a favor to everyone involved. My actions removed the comment from public view. The posting has however returned a/o the evening of October 14th at 11:00 PM PST. Let me suggest that this post with the term “Tax Cheat” not return. You have access to controls as host to remove the post with this term. Since you host this facebook site for the purpose of your campaign for office, you have responsibilities / duties to review the material posted. The text of material posted can be attributed to you or your campaign. Accusations that your opponent is a “Tax Cheat” made in print may out of bounds under election codes, it may be an ethical violation for you to accuse a CPA of such by one or more of your credentialing societies, and it may as well be defamatory. From a practical matter, such a statement doesn’t exhibit the “seasoning” that your campaign has embraced as a theme. Nor does it coexist with the reality of November 3rd’s dawning which begins a time when Tina Vernon and Dai Meagher must live in the same community and, in one outcome, work in the same county department. My expectation is a return communication from your campaign to me, counsel for Dai Meagher, at the following email: or on my phone at 415-847-4385. A physical letter and follow-up phone call from me can be expected. Thomas J. Meagher, Esq.

This is not the first time Vernon’s opponent has attacked a female opponent. On March 31, 2010, the Grass Valley Union newspaper reported Dai Meagher launched an attack on primary race opponent Darlene Woo by attempting to get her thrown out of the then four person race for Nevada County Treasurer and Tax Collector. Meagher alleged Woo didn’t meet the qualifications set out for the office. Woo, a former vice president at Bank of America, was deemed by the Nevada County Clerk Recorder to meet the necessary qualifications, but was the focus of unprecedented scrutiny because of Meagher’s allegations. According to The Union article, Meagher hinted at further action and was quoted as stating that he would take ‘the next step’ which was reportedly described by Meagher as ‘contacting the Secretary of State or the DA.’ There was no mention in the article of Meagher seeking representation of an attorney at that time, family member or otherwise.

In response to the letter from Meagher’s attorney and apparent relation, Vernon’s attorney

reminds the Meagher family that once one places their name on candidacy paperwork they

become public figures. In the United States of America political figures are not generally

afforded the luxury of protection under slander and/or libel laws. This is in order to insure a

vigorous public debate upon their qualifications when running for election.

In an attempt to calm her opponent Vernon has chosen to remove the offending post from her

Facebook page. “I’m sorry this has caused my opponent distress.” Vernon claims she had not

read the posting until it was brought to her attention by Meagher’s attorney, Meagher. “I get so

many posts from campaign supporters that I just don’t have time to read them all, though I try to

stay up with all my supporters and well-wishers.” Vernon receives numerous emails and

Facebook comments each day. She also works full time, maintains her household, raises

teenagers and runs her own campaign for Nevada County Treasurer and Tax Collector. “There

are only so many things anyone can do in one day,” she adds, “so I guess something was bound

to slip past me.”

“Tina Vernon is one of the most capable people I’ve ever met” claims former seven term Nevada

County Treasurer and Tax Collector E. Christina Dabis. “That’s one of the reasons I’ve endorsed

her candidacy.” Vernon is also endorsed by Karen Adams, President of the California

Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors, all five Nevada County Supervisors, the

Nevada County Sheriffs Management Association, the Contractors Association of Truckee-

Tahoe PAC and a growing number of local community leaders. A complete list of endorsers is

available at


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