Use Yoga to bring life back to ‘aging bones’ |

Use Yoga to bring life back to ‘aging bones’

Yoga for the Second Half of Life is a new class being taught by Nory Fussell. Demonstrated here is the tree pose.
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The Fountain of Youth is a lovely fable. “Cocoon” was a delightful fantasy film. Such stories provide pleasant escape from the often-sobering realities of aging.

As much as proper diet, hydration, exercise and other self-care practices help us in our quest for pain-free and graceful aging, try as we might to deny it aging is an unquestionable fact of Life. The magic lies in how we accept and embrace each day. When your spirit is focused on possibility, you move forward with a positive, vibrant outlook.

Yoga for the Second Half of Life is designed for those interested in restoring vibrancy to “aging bones,” especially those looking to experience Yoga for the first time. Taught at The Yoga Well, 144-D Hughes Road in Grass Valley, the pacing is such that participants are simultaneously encouraged to stay within their own comfort zone while still pursuing a challenge. Despite the name of the class, Yoga for the Second Half of Life is open to all ages.

I was first exposed to Yoga in 1969 while arriving and settling into barracks quarters on a hillside overlooking Stuttgart, Germany. In the basement rec room, a little Yoga book jumped off the shelf and I reached to pick it up, my young mind thinking, “Hmmm, strange but … appealing.” My first trip into the city led me serendipitously past an ashram where Yoga was being taught. That was it!

My teachers along the way have been many and varied. In the mid-‘80’s local teachers Ronnie Paul and Jeff Kane introduced me to the work of BKS Iyengar with its attention to detail, alignment and the coordination of breath with movement. I knew I had found a home base for my practice. In 1996 I completed a Teacher’s Training with Richard Schachtel in Seattle and soon thereafter studied with Sara Powers and Erich Schiffman, all Iyengar disciples.

Yoga enhances your life by relieving tension in the body and calming the mind. It is an antidote to back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart conditions and even cancer. It can reduce fat, reverse weight gain and improve posture, enlivening a youthful spring in your step. Yoga’s breath-work and meditative qualities are remedy to headaches, stress, and depression.

Students in this class are encouraged to move “in the direction of” the poses demonstrated, mindful of their own body’s “edges,” or boundaries. Props, such as blocks, blankets and straps are used to assist with alignment. For example, if you cannot reach the floor, then a well-placed block or two will bring the floor to you.

I encourage fun; laughter hydrates the cells.

For class schedules, rates or any other questions, feel free to call me at 530-615-1343. And consider this: Kareem Abdul Jabbar pointed out that “one year of Yoga classes costs much less than one day in the hospital.”

Nory Fussell is a Yoga instructor in Grass Valley. He can be reached at 530-615-1343.

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