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UP TO SPEED – Words to eat by

Tired of contradictory strategies for losing weight? Eat low-fat? Eat no-fat? Eat low-carb and high fat? Eat right for your blood type? For your personality type? For your personality? Bust sugar? Think your way to thinness?

Perhaps it’s because different strategies work differently on different bodies. Nonetheless, some principles apply across-the-board:

I. Losing weight has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with finding an eating regimen that fits you. To lose weight, you’ll have to take in fewer calories than your body needs to maintain. To do that long term, find foods you like to eat that help you stay within your target for intake.

2. Life isn’t fair. Some people can eat more without gaining weight. Genes aren’t destiny though. Work with the body you’ve got. It’s the only body you’ll ever have.

3. Eat when you’re hungry – not when you’re starving. To stay in control, aim to eat three meals a day plus snacks.

4. Get some satisfaction. Make sure you eat the foods you enjoy (in modest portions) and enjoy (as much as you want) the foods you eat.

5. Deal with stress – don’t eat it. Stress changes the body’s metabolism and causes us to gain weight. Manage stress and managing your eating is easier.

6. Exercise smart. Find exercise that fits your preferences, skills and is enjoyable; otherwise, you won’t stick to it!

Source: Dr.Lisa Sanders, Internist, Yale University School of Medicine and Columnist for The New York Times. Concepts taken from “The Perfect Fit Diet.”

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