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Unblocking energy with Chinese Energetics

Suzie Daggett interviews Larry Kiser, a retired attorney who has been a practitioner of the healing arts for 17 years, and now practices Chinese Energetic Medicine.

How did you get interested in Chinese Energetics?

I have been doing healing work since 1985. After a career as a prosecuting attorney, in 1998, I had been in India, where I picked up a virus. Neither mainstream medicine nor the holistic modalities I had worked with were able to help with this problem. I wanted something that was really authentic and that would work faster than other modalities. I read about Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th lineage Chinese Energetic Grand Master and began studying with him. I began practicing with myself and eliminated a thyroid condition, allergy and a high PSA count.

What is Chinese Energetic Medicine – CEM?

CEM uses the awareness of the central nervous system to find and eliminate the actual cause of any symptom. It changes the pattern of illness at the cellular level, without drugs, by activating the body’s natural state, which is health, through the powerful central nervous system. The body makes changes instantly when given the right instruction and when the mental, psychological, physical, emotional, psychic or spiritual cause (or a combination of them) is found, the symptom disappears. The field of energy is as large as consciousness itself. If a person has pain, something is usually blocked and the body has turned off a switch that should be on or vise-versa. A practitioner gives instructions to turn on or off the switch through the spinal column and to the higher self. If the off switches are turned on, this affects and removes the blockages that have lead to the pain. The energy field tells us through strong or weak signals what to correct.

Explain energy fields?

An energy field has some mystery and some science to it. It is the holographic universe in one sense, the field of consciousness is made up of electrons and protons, which are vibrational patterns that are translated into thought forms in another sense. Those thought forms then translate into physical form. It is just what Einstein said – all matter is energy. Your field of energy is like a radio wave in which you are the emitter of the signal from your heart and mind. It is constantly transmitting what you think and feel to the universe.

Chinese Energetics teaches you how to set the dials to your own or another’s energy field to feel or know any physical or non-physical (e.g., emotional) disturbance. The field will inform you what is causing the disturbance, just like hearing a radio signal clearly, and make the correction as it is identified. There is no time, distance or space relative to this field of energy. I work with clients in Hong Kong just as easily as I work with people in front of me.

Can Chinese Energetic Medicine work with western medicine?

They can work very well together. I have a client who is going through extensive chemotherapy in Los Angeles. The CEM keeps the medicine from harming other parts of her body. It can be very complementary if you believe there is more than strict science that can heal. CEM helps any symptom to heal faster. CEM is very effective with migraine headaches, digestive issues, any kind of back, neck or muscle pain, respiration or reproductive issues.

How do you work?

I know through experience that the body’s energy field registers either weak or strong to everything. I test through my own body how the clients’ field is responding to questions I ask, usually silently, and make changes immediately with the client through the central nervous system. Corrections can be felt or experienced immediately. Intuition and learning how to pay attention to what comes into your consciousness are part of the practice. For instance, if you come presenting numbness in your feet, I track where that is coming from in your body or your energy field. I might ask if there is excess calcium, mineral or drug that has created a block in the nerve junctions. I might then direct the lymph system to clear that area. It is very simple in one way and very complex in another.

What do you like about this work?

It is so accurate. You know that because when you make a change, the physical body changes. The causes can be very bizarre and funny, and the changes instantaneous. I love for people to know about the incredible magic of their own being and that we all have the power to heal ourselves. You do not need to believe in anything special for CEM to work. The cause can be any combination of mental, physical, emotional, psychic, psychological or spiritual issue and anyone can learn this work.


Larry Kiser can be reached at his home office, (530) 210-1994 or through his Web site: llkiser.com

Suzie Daggett is the host of Healing INsights on NCTV, Channel 11, and the publisher of INSIGHT, a directory of the healing arts practitioners, http://www.insightdirectory.com. She can be reached at 265-9255.

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