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U.S. Congress, 4th District

John T. Doolittle

Age: 51

Hometown: Fair Oaks

Occupation: U.S. Representative, lawyer

Family: wife, Julia Harlow; son, JT; and daughter Courtney.

Personal affiliations: member of the National Rifle Association, the Safari Club, and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Professional affiliations: member of the State Bar of California; member of House Appropriations, Agriculture and Resources committees; and chairman of Subcommittee on Water and Power Resources; co-founder of the Republican Study Committee, formerly the Conservative Action Team.

Why should we vote for you?

Over the past decade, I have worked hard to protect the quality of life we enjoy here in Northern California. I have fought for lower taxes for working families, for smaller government, and for greater individual freedoms. I’ve been a leader in making certain that government lives within its means, and I’ve voted to cut over $60 billion in wasteful spending. I’ve worked hard to improve our local schools – giving parents, not Washington bureaucrats – the power to make decisions about our children’s education. I’m also proud to have delivered for the people I represent – helping thousands of constituents cut through red tape in Washington and securing federal funding for key local projects.

What is your top issue? Why?

I consider strengthening the family through tax relief to be my most important duty as a member of Congress. Last year, I fought alongside President Bush to pass his historic tax relief plan, which significantly reduced the punitive marriage penalty, abolished the death tax, and slashed tax rates across the board. The American people are grossly overtaxed and businesses are burdened by too many cumbersome regulations. Government must trust its citizens and allow them to keep more of their hard-earned money, freeing them to pursue the American Dream. I will continue to fight to reduce their tax burden every step of the way. Particularly in light of the events of Sept. 11, this is the only way our economy will grow and prosper.

What is your stand on abortion? Why?

I am strongly pro-life and believe that the rights of the unborn child need to be protected because, as a society, we must affirm the sanctity of life. My votes in the House reflect those values. While I realize that some of the people I represent in Congress believe that abortion should be legal, I believe they still support parental involvement in these situations, do not support abortion as a method of birth control, and would agree with my vote to ban partial-birth abortions.

Should the Auburn Dam project proceed? Why or why not?

The most recent study by the Corps of Engineers explicitly identifies the construction of a new upstream dam on the American River as Sacramento’s optimal flood control solution. I continue to advocate building the Auburn Dam because not only is it the only alternative that would provide the necessary 400-year flood control, but it is also the only option that also creates a new water supply for our farmers, neighborhoods, and fisheries, and which would generate enough clean electricity to power up to 600,000 homes.

Bill Kirby

Age: 54

Hometown: Auburn

Occupation: Urologist

Family: wife, Rose; daughter, Sarah; son, James; stepson, Ryan.

Personal affiliations: member of the National Rifle Association, California Rifle Association, Ohio Gun Collectors Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America.

Professional affiliations: American Urology Association

Why should we vote for you?

I have served Nevada County for 21 years as a medical doctor. I understand rural health care issues. I am a longtime member of the farm bureau, depend on irrigation water for my small vineyard, and understand the water needs and farming needs of our district. I will live and work in the district. My phone number has been in the phone book for 21 years for my patients, and will stay there for my constituents.

What is your top issue? Why?

Regional planning is critical to ensure our quality of life. Developers need to be made to deal with water supply and quality issues, impacts on our schools, air quality, and transportation problems before they leave. Surely we will have to deal with them after they are gone.

What is your stand on abortion? Why?

As Ronald Reagan said, “Abortion issues do not belong in the party platform as they are too divisive.” These issues should be left to a woman, her God and her doctor without government interference. As a urologist, I can tell you that there are no men’s healthcare issues that the government interferes in.

Should the Auburn Dam project proceed? Why or why not?

If the Auburn Dam would store water, I would vote for it. However, the Auburn Dam was voted down by two Republican Congresses because it is not a fiscally sound project. According to Army Corps of Engineers and state Department of Water Resources data, it will not store water as it does not have a large enough watershed area. The water levels will fluctuate over 200 feet a year, be useless for recreation, and only provide minimal amounts of power. The Auburn Dam was only designed to give 500-year flood protection to Sacramento County (which they don’t need or want) so that the developers that contribute to John Doolittle’s campaign can buy up farmers’ rice fields in the flood plain and build houses.

The Auburn Dam will only provide a mud hole and eyesore for Placer and El Dorado counties. As a long-time member of the Farm Bureau, I know we need responsible water storage such as raising Folsom, Oroville, and Shasta dams, and building smaller dams higher in the Sierra where they will stay full.

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