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U.S. a super villain?

Remember when 911 was used for an emergency call? Now, it’s used to evoke fear, the indefinite suspension of constitutional protections and as a battle cry for perpetual war spending. Our constitutional protections are not limited to guns, money and the right to support the president. The most basic human right of all, of course, is the right to live. It is not just an American right. America now depends heavily on a scorched earth foreign policy played out with millions of tons of explosives (http://www.clemson.edu/caah/history/FacultyPages/EdMoise/limit1.html). Revenge for 9/11 fuels that foreign policy and, like weeping evangelists, legislatures beg for revenge. If we really are a super power, our Kryptonite is revenge. It’s killing our American spirit, displacing millions of Iraqis and killing many tens of thousands, which, we now know, had nothing to do with our pirated freedom.

Many of these Iraqis turn out just like us in that those who do survive our super powers find themselves with only a God of revenge to turn to.

Does anybody else feel like they are being played like a fish? Certainly every news agency must feel red faced. The question is: Will they ever again have the ability to question authority? For decades, our keepers of freedom of speech have been beaten into submission and denigrated as liberal for daring to speak truth to power. Please support those who do and warmly acknowledge the risk they take for all of us.

Buck Stoval

Grass Valley

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