Work Continues on #8. Patience Please |

Work Continues on #8. Patience Please

It seems like deja vu all over again. Our smoke filled countryside and muted sunshine reminds me of my golf course experience in industrial China. The hazy horizon was like this practically every day of the year. These present conditions are a poignant reminder of how quickly things can change with the flick of one lit cigarette butt. Walk along the roadside of LWW Drive and you’ll see what I mean.
Work is nearly complete on the restoration of damages on the #8 green and its surrounds. We had to dig out a bunch of the soil on that green to remove all of the motor oil that had contaminated the profile. The crew did a nice job with installing the new bentgrass sod. You’ll find that the new sod is obviously higher in height than the existing green’s turf. Although it will present some short term putting challenges, I hope your patience will bear as we work to match up the patches. When you’re dealing with a cutting height of one-eighth of an inch, precision is foremost. We’ll regularly sand topdress the sod and slowly lower the height of cut so that the sod strips will adhere and eventually unify the putting green. This is not a quick process, as is any surgery of sorts. We have spent about $2500 so far in time and materials to remedy this vandalism. The hard cost and the “pain and suffering” of having to deal with this when we could be working constructively elsewhere is the burden paid. If you are one of the few folks that still change their own motor oil, please call Waste Management to get one of their recycle containers delivered to your house. Please don’t leave random containers of used oil on the roadside. Thanks, and thanks to the residents that are calling Security to report nighttime trespassers on the golf course. Vigilance helps.

William F Hamilton, CGCS
Director of Agronomy

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