Winners of the ‘Individual Criers Tournament’ |

Winners of the ‘Individual Criers Tournament’

Shari Davis

Sunshine, beautiful sunshine! On Jan. 30, we played an Individual Criers tournament under amazing January weather.

You were allowed to change your 3 worst holes to par.

Congrats to all the winners and the following ladies as well.


“You were allowed to change your 3 worst holes to par.”

Betsy Szyper-hole 2


Orene Sanders – hole 16

Chris Fridman – hole 14

Sandy Twohig – hole 10

Dottie Teague-hole 16

Joanne Zemetra-Hole 10

Overall Low Net

Sandy Twohig – 74


First Flight

1st Place Penelope Crumpley Crier’s Net 69*

2nd Place Karen Price Crier’s Net 69*

3rd Place Nina Quintal Crier’s Net 73

Second Flight

1st Place Sandy Twohig Crier’s Net 67

2nd Place Carol Jaques Crier’s Net 71*

3rd Place Mo Mazzocco Crier’s Net 71*

Third Place

1st Place Betsy Szyper Crier’s Net 66

2nd Place Mary Jane Brusher Crier’s Net 69

3rd Place Marilyn Baca Crier’s Net 71

Fourth Flight

1st Place Dawn Castaldo Crier’s Net 67*

2nd Place Patricia O’Toole Crier’s Net 67*

3rd Place Shari Davis Crier’s Net 68

*Ties broken using back nine method.

Congratulations to all of you!

Feb. 6, we played a Flighted Individual Low Net game. Those with special accomplishments were:


Kalli Brzezinsk-hole 2

Susan Sainz-hole 2

Terri Mesple-hole 2

Karen Price-hole #17


Patricia O’Toole-hole 6

Orene Sanders-hole 10

Betsy Szyper-hole 18

Overall Low Net

Sandy Turzak – 68

Individual Low Net winners by Flight were as follows, congratulations to all of you!

First Flight

1st Place Karen Price Net 70

2nd Place Trish Willard Net 76

3rd Place Nina Quintal Net 78

Second Flight

1st Place Candy Pray Net 78

2nd Place Linda Thode Net 80*

3rd Place Jane Butler Net 80*

Third Flight

1st Place Orene Sanders Net 70*

2nd Place Marilyn Baca Net 70*

3rd Place Maria Fahey Net 70*

Fourth Flight

1st Place Sandy Turzak Net 68

2nd Place Patricia O’Toole Net 70

3rd Place Bridget Buford Net 79

*Ties broken using back nine method

Way to go ladies!

If you are a woman resident of Lake Wildwood and love to play golf, we would love to meet you. If you are looking to meet some fun gals to play golf with, we would love to have you join us. We play on Thursday mornings. Contact Sandy Twohig 432-0640 for details on how to join our club.

My next article is due Feb. 26. If you have any club related information or know a club member who did well at an away play day, please be sure to let me know so I can make sure to have it in the next article. Your help makes this article possible! Have fun, I will see you on the course.

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