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Will We Miss This?Will We Remember?

Bryan Cox, LWA General Manager

Here we are in another week of self-quarantine, social distancing, and getting to know what life is without our daily routines. Many of our members are questioning the decisions being made regarding the closing of the Golf Course, the banning of bicycles from the Golf Course, and elimination of access to some of the community Amenities.

There are so many Amenities that we still are currently participating in and utilizing, and sometimes we forget the value of living in our own special paradise.

As you drive into our community you enter through a paid amenity called a manned guard gate, and travel on an Association maintained road with Association labor, paint, asphalt, and human effort.

As we travel to our safe destination, we see the fabulous beauty of our parks and lake, and we forget that these features are why we live here – all of which are lovingly maintained by our staff and crews just for our enjoyment and pleasure.

Whether locked up in our homes or taking advantage of these beautiful places we call home, we must remember that this is our beauty, our community, our home. Enjoy it, count our blessings, take a break from life, and treasure this time – we are the lucky ones.

Now that we are mandated BY LAW to close our golf course to golf play, we are allowing open access to all the community to get out and enjoy the fresh air, stretch those legs, and smell the beauty. As you can see on a walk on the cart paths, the Course is meticulously maintained even without the golf play.

Daily our dedicated staff is working to keep this beautiful Course groomed, maintained, and ready for your enjoyment. Our lake is spectacular. The beautiful weather we are experiencing is a beckoning call for those with boats. Get out and enjoy.

Don’t wait until your prearranged calendar tells you to ready your boats. All calendars are null and void… Change it up. Get out of your rut.

Just this weekend I took a pot of coffee and a lounge chair down to Explorer Park and sat just at the water’s edge. I did not move for over two and a half hours. That was something that I would not have done if it were not for the self-quarantine and the COVID-19 virus. I made lunch and sat on my patio and watched the family of quail intermingle with all the other birds.

The deer walked by to see what the fuss was all about. I would not have done that without this quarantine. Have you taken the time to look up through all the new oak leaves on our trees and see the beautiful blue sky? I did. Thinking about my family, loved ones, and even those no longer with us. Blessings.

What I see are families on the trails and in the Parks enjoying their children. Some strolling holding hands, others in a game of soccer with mom, dad, and the kids. There are so many more couples of all ages enjoying the time together.

I wonder when this is all over, when we all get back to the lives that we are so frustrated to get back to, will we quickly forget how nice it was to take a time out? Slow down. Look into ourselves and at what really is important.

Will we want this all back again? Will we ever have an opportunity like today to adjust ourselves? I fear we will not take this great advantage, that some of us will continually call out with anguish that someone is not being fair to them.

We are all human, we are all in this together, and we will all get through this together. Hopefully, a better human race than before. Hopefully, a better community, and hopefully, with a bit more appreciation for what we have.

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