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Wildwood Putters—Haney and Guilday Drop Four Aces

By Ima Putterpal


Hi, Putters. I am going to have to begin this Aug. 3 putter column with a big apology. I missed a number of our putting days beginning in late June. As a result, I did not get the results of your valiant putting efforts and find that I will have to resume communications with this publication of your June 14 efforts.
On June 14, 27 Putters appeared to test their skills. One “ace” was scored by Judy Goodrich, Irmgard Boies, Lonni Hoyt, Joan Bachus, Ulli Uehlin, Patti Lawerence, Donna Newland and Diane Riel. Joan Lawver, Lynn Amaral and Lois Dahl each shot two aces. Four aces were shot by Patti Haney and Peggy Guilday.
When it came to the Putting Tournament, Lonni Hoyt and Joan Lawver shared First Place, with scores of 35. Lynn Amaral took Second Place with a 36. Third Place, with scores of 37, was shared by Irmgard Boies and Cathy Jones.
Unfortunately, I have no information for June 21 so I will continue with June 28. On that date, 28 competitors appeared! We also welcomed three new members. Those ladies were Debbie Stephenson, Judy Rutzler and Kathy Williams. It is hoped that you enjoyed the morning and will be returning to try your skills again.
One ace was scored by Jan Larsen, Judy Rutzler, Virginia Simpkins, Barbara Tagg and Nancy Doxmeier. Two aces were the scores for Jan O’Rourke, Arlene Thelen and Shelby McNamara.
First Place in the Putting Contest, with a score of 38, was won by Arlene Thelen. There was a five-way tie for Second Place, with scores of 39, shared by Barbara Tagg, Patti Haney, Cathy Jones, Irmgard Boies and Rose Frazier-Hart. Third Place was won by Julie Stansbury, with a score of 40.
Putters was cancelled on July 5, and I do not have any information for July 12. Therefore, the next date scores available to me are from July 19. So here goes … (is the heat beginning to get to everyone?) Twenty-four Putters appeared on July 19. That was pretty good for a predicted warm day.
Prizes for one ace each went home with Judy Parks, Beverly Loveland, Jackie Sponsler, Arlene Thelen, Cherie Mayfield, Terry Scalisi and Irmgard Boies. Two aces were scored by Pat Ferrara, Kathy McLendon, Debbie Stephenson and Jan Larson. Joan Broomfield and Betty Foley shared top place in this category when they shot three aces each.
Scores of 36 each put Jackie Sponsler and Joan Broomfield in a tie for First Place. Second Place, with scores of 39, left Kathy McLendon, Arlene Thelen and Cathy Jones sharing the honors. Third Place scores of 40 put Jill Kastner and Irmgard Boies in a tie.
Congratulations to all of our winners. So sorry it took so long to get this into print. The next TWI, which should be published Aug. 17, will hopefully include results between July 26 and Aug. 2.

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