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Wildwood Putters — First Putt, Then Party!


By Ima Putterpal


Wow! Where do the days go? As you read this, keep in mind there are only six play days left for the Putters in 2018! There are seven actual weeks, but put down Sept. 13 as a day we will be unable to play due to the annual fall aerification of the golf course greens.
Our last play day is scheduled for Oct. 11. We will putt and then we will have a party and yearly play awards for you deserving Putters. In addition to celebrating 2018 putting play, the announcement of the Putter Officers for 2019 will be made.
It is hoped that everyone will want to participate next year. Lonni will be giving all an opportunity to share their talents by volunteering to be an officer for 2019. There are two members needed to share the responsibilities of captain, secretary and treasurer. In addition we have a communications officer. The reason for two people for each position is to be sure no one has to feel the burden of doing the job every single Thursday. It also provides the group with many past officers available to fill in if necessary.
Lonni will be providing a clipboard for members to volunteer along with the duties of each job. Please seriously consider becoming a member of the Putter board. It is a great way to get to make more friends.
Now on to our winners for the last three play days:
Aug. 9 we had 23 players. Eight members had one ace: Jill Kastner, Joan Broomfield, Betty Foley, Rita Texeira, Kathy McLendon, Jay Pohl, Peggy Guilday and Betty Towne. Three had two aces: Cathy Jones, Barbara Tagg and Jan Larson. Four had three aces: Joan Bachus, Rose Frazier-Hart, Kathy Hendricks and Diane Riel. Lois Jones shot four aces. Patti Haney scored five aces!
First place that day went to Patti Haney, who shot a 34. Second place was shared by Cathy Jones and Rose Frazier-Hart, each with a 35. Scores of 36 put Joan Bachus, Jill Kastner, Barbara Tagg and Lois Jones in a four-way tie for third place.
Aug. 16 we had 22 players. Six players shot one ace each. That group included Rose Frazier-Hart, Nancy Dorfmeir, Betty Foley, Joan Broomfield, Peggy Guilday and Cherie Mayfield. Another group of six shot two aces: Susan Dean, Cathy Jones, Linda Crisman, Rita Texeira, Arlene Thelen and Patti Lawrence. There were five players who shared the honors for shooting three aces: Lonni Hoyt, Jill Kastner, Babsie Bostu, Lois Dahl and Joan Bachus.
First place in the putting tournament was won by Jill Kastner, who shot a 33! Second place, each with a score of 35, went Lois Dahl, Joan Bachus, Susan Dean and Arlene Thelen. Third place, with a score of 36, went to Cathy Jones.
Twenty-one members appeared to play on Aug, 23. Interesting since we had more on some of the hotter days this year. One ace was scored by Virginia Simpkins, Gerry Cosby, Rose Frazier-Hart and Peggy Guilday. Kathy McLendon, Holly March and Babsie Bostu each shot two aces.
The prize for first place in the putting tournament was won by Patti Haney for a score of 37. Gerry Cosby won second place by shooting a 38. Scores of 40 made third place, shared by Irmgard Boies, Peggy Guilday and Dianne Riel.
Congratulations to all of our winners!
This TWI was delivered to you on Sept. 7. Don’t forget that we will be unable to meet on the 13th, due to the aerification of the greens. See you on the 20th.

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