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Wildwood Power Poles Target of PG&E Fire Safety Effort

Lake Wildwood was recently contacted regarding the maintenance and clearing around the power poles located within the Lake Wildwood Community. These poles are spread out around the entire Lake Wildwood Community.

PG&E came into LWA and identified all the poles that will be serviced by PG&E. Service of these poles is the clearing of not less than 10 feet in any direction from the pole base. Specifically, a 20-foot circle around the pole base and up eight feet from the ground.

PG&E will be contacting the 150 or so properties that are involved. The work should start within the next 30 days. For questions you may have, please call: (530) 722-7146.

The rule/law being used for this work is from the PRC 4292, 14 CCR 1254, Fire Break Clearance Requirements Around Poles and Towers.

This law has been in place for several years but has not been enforced by Cal Fire/PG&E until now.

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