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Wildwood Niners—Results of ‘Oddly Funny Couples’

By Joan Bachus


The Odd Couple Tournament was a really fun event. Fifty-six players had a great time. From breakfast to waiting for the results, everyone who participated enjoyed themselves.
The people who had an especially great time walked away with the prizes for the day: First Place was won by the team of Mike Baca, Judy Pappas, Roger Beilman and Patti Haney. Second Place was a tie between the team of Bernie Scalisi, Cathy Jones, Andy Sponsler and Terry Scalisi and the team of Colin Phillips, Annette Saavedra, Chucks Cavalier and Sharon Meyer. Third Place went to the team of Bill Mann, Ali McKeon, Dan Kyle and Dianne Riel.
Thank you again, Men Niners, for keeping the tradition of this tournament going.
More great news! Our first Team Play event for 2018 was held at Lake of the Pines on May 22. Guess what? Jerri Morello, our team captain, reports that our team from Lake Wildwood is in First Place by 12 points! This is thanks to the efforts of the team comprised of Alma Ortega-Avery, Mary Sowers, Linda Campbell, Arlene Thelen, Rose Frazier-Hart and Deborah Stein.
Congratulations to all of you.
The report is in for Outstanding Play Recognition for the month of May. It is pretty awesome, so congratulations to all of you.
Chip-In awards to: Ann Clarke #12, Nita Edwards #10, Deborah Stein #11, Ginny Kirkley #15, Shirley Miller #11, Kathy McLendon #15, Joan Bachus #11, Annette Saavedra #1, Gail Murphey #12, Alma Ortega-Avery #14, Vickie Daugherty #7, Rose Frazier-Hart #4, Claire Ross #4, Judy Armstrong-Reilly #16, Linda Thies #5, Cyndi Yano #15, Sharon Meyer #11 and Mary Sowers #16.
Birdies were scored in May by: Arlene Thelen #16, Annette Saavedra #1, Claire Ross #4, Katy Murphy #16, Betty Moyles #3 and Sharon Meyer #11.
May Break 50 honors go to Rose Frazier-Hart for 49 on May 15, Patricia O"Toole 46 on May 15 and Betty Moyles 43 on May 15 and 38 on May 29.
Many Niners Broke Net in May. They were: Jane Butler 35, Sue Holthaus 35, Annette Saavedra 34 and 35, Patti Haney 35, Lonni Hoyt 35 and 34, Rose Frazier-Hart 27 and 33, Betty Moyles 34 and 29, Claire Ross 33, Patricia O'Toole 31, Kat Tuttle 35, Terry Scalisi 34, Liz Kobayashi 34, Judy Armstrong-Reilly 33, Alma Orteaga-Avery 35 and Sara Peterson 32,
The prize for the Lowest Net Score of 27 for May went to Rose Frazier-Hart.
Don't forget to attend the July 17 general meeting. With the Invitational and other fun events in our future, you want to be there to get all the information.
Judy Armstrong-Reilly will be in charge of the TWI issues for July 6 (deadline June 24) and July 20 (deadline July 8). I will be back to do the Aug. 3 issue so please send that info to me.

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