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Wildwood Niners — Paulo’s 28 is July’s Lowest

By Joan Bachus


I am going to begin this column with some important information which I should have related to you in the Aug. 3 TWI. Unfortunately, I goofed, so I am going to begin with an apology.
First, a big thank you to Judy Armstrong-Reilly for taking care of this column for me while I was gone. You did a great job, Judy.
Also, I need to apologize to Jerri Morello and Arlene Thelen for failing to relate the summary of their efforts in working on our 2018 Team Play. It involves so much work and they extended their thanks to all the players and volunteers at our July 17 meeting.
We played four teams this year: Lake of the Pines, Cameron Park, Yolo Fliers and Rancho Murieta. By the end of the season, we were in fourth place, with 42.5 points. However, we were only two points away from third place and 4.5 points away from the second-place team.
Our 2018 players included Alma Ortega-Avery, Linda Campbell, Nancy Black, Rose Frazier-Hart, Mary Sowers, Kerri Julian, Peggy Guilday, Sara Peterson, Deborah Stein, Cyndi Yano, Patti Haney, Arlene Thelen, Sharon Meyer, Nita Edwards and Lonni Hoyt.
The Team Play here at Lake Wildwood on June 26 went very well. The volunteers who helped with marking, greeting, registration, luncheon set-up, cart donations and bag handlers were greatly appreciated. Our course was in great shape and many of our visitors commented on how much they enjoyed playing at Lake Wildwood. The luncheon of chicken cordon-bleu, mashed potatoes and salad, followed by chocolate mousse, was enjoyed by all.
Some of the future plans for Team Play will hopefully include completing play before the hot days of July begin. Team captains have already voted to not include breakfast in the future to cut down on the cost for players. All of the drivers appreciated the support they received from players to help defray gas costs. It is hoped that will continue in the years to come.
Outstanding Play Recognition for July is next on the schedule for this column. July chip-ins were scored by Nita Edwards #6, Annette Saavedra #5, Judy Armstrong-Reilly #9, Terry Scalisi #13, Sally Jones #15, Peggy Guilday #15, Cathy Jones #10 and Dianne Riel #18.
Breaking Net was a very busy activity during July. Peggy Guilday had a 31, 30 and 32. Nita Edwards had a 32 and 33. Patricia O’Toole had a 32 and 34. Betty Moyles had a 34 and 33. Deborah Stein had a 33 and 33. Randi Kemper had a 34. Gail Murphey had a 35 and 35. Bambi Flanigan had a 31. Liz Kobayashi had a 34. Cyndi Yano had a 34. Sally Ramsey had a 34 and 35. Claire Short had a 35. Arlene Thelen had a 35. Pat Perbetsky had a 34. Claire Ross had a 35 and 35. Rose Frazier had a 31. Sue Holthaus had a 33. Dawn Castaldo had a 34. Sally Jones had a 35. Pat Paulo had a 28.
The Lowest Monthly Award for July goes to Pat Paulo for her 28 on July 31.
In July Betty Moyles broke 50 with a 43 on July 10 and also with a 41 on July 31. Wanda Oppenheim had a 49 on July 10. Patricia O’Toole had a 47 on July 31. Rose Frazier-Hart had a 49 on July 31.
There were two Birdies recorded during July, both to Betty Moyles. She had one on #5 on July 10 and another one on #5 on July 31!
Congratulations to all of you! This really does rate the title of “Outstanding Play.”
Important Announcement — Save the Date — Friday, Nov. 16! Don’t miss the opportunity to Dance to the Music at our Niner fall dinner dance in the Cedar Room at the Oaks Clubhouse. The Sols, a five-piece band, will keep us busy after we finish our delicious buffet of chicken piccata and bistro filet, with all the fixings.
It promises to be a fun-filled evening, for only $55 per person. The tickets will go on sale at our Sept. 18 General Meeting. It is time to put together your table of eight. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Thies (432-7878) or Ali McKeon (432-0887).
The next TWI will be published on Sept. 7. I will need to receive your information by Aug. 26.

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