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Wildwood Niners — Mismatched Fun Day

By Joan Bachus


The general meeting on Aug. 21 was a particularly fun meeting. Whether you played golf that day or not, the meeting was great because it celebrated the “Mismatched Fun Day.” This event — planned by Linda Campbell, assisted by Jan Hill and others — was devised to replaced our 2018 invitational. Even if you did not play, it was a great party. Linda is so good at making whatever she does fun.
All the tournament participants wore “mismatched” golf outfits accompanied by right and left shoes that did not match! You’ll never see outfits like these gracing the pages of fancy women’s magazines! There were also 16 raffle bags — however, some were really “special” and others were really silly.
Fifteen foursomes participated and all 15 won prizes in the Scramble tournament! There were five teams on the front nine and five on the back nine that were awarded with prizes that went into the Pro Shop book. The remaining teams (three on the front and two on the back) were awarded golf balls for their efforts.
This column is a little “mismatched” also, so now I will continue with other information from our meeting.
Caryl Fairfull gave us a great deal of information from the August meeting of the Golf Committee. So much that it is impossible to relate it all to you here.
One of the items they covered involved the planned opening of the new “short tees.” They are scheduled to be open at the beginning of September. The fee will be the same as the current nine-hole fee. Par will be 36 and Jim will have temporary cards ready for play.
They also had discussion about the chipping area near Hole #1. It really needs mowing twice a week rather than only once. To accomplish that, balls have to be picked up by hand beforehand.
The Men Niners have been responsible for this service. Twice a week mowing will require more workers. Mowing early on Monday morning will require ball pick-up on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening for Thursday mowing. If anyone is interested, please contact Caryl for more information.
The Golf Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month and may be attended for observation. Contact Caryl for information if you are interested.
Cathy Jones gave us all a preview of the upcoming Lake Wildwood Theater Club production scheduled for September, with the first performance on Sept. 19. “Love Lost and What I Wore” features an all-female cast and a few of the cast members gave us a short peek at their part. From what we saw it, should be both sad and hilarious. You won’t want to miss this event, so watch for ticket-purchasing opportunities.
Patti Haney gave us Cherie Mayfield’s report on the 2018 Eclectic Tournament winners. Each winner will find their prize in the book in the Pro Shop.
Flight One: Front Nine, Patti Haney; Back Nine, Diane Riel.
Flight Two: Front Nine, Rose Frazier-Hart; Back Nine, Nita Edwards.
Flight Three: Front Nine, Ginny Kirkley; Back Nine, Pat Paulo.
Barbara Tagg reports the Most Improved Niner for July was Nita Edwards. Runners-up included Deborah Stein, first; Jerri Morello, second; and Patti Haney, third.
Congratulations to all of our winners!
If you haven’t done it already, please mark your calendars for Friday evening, Nov. 16! Be ready to “Dance to the Music!” This will be an event you will not want to miss. We will enjoy a delicious buffet dinner of Chicken Piccata and Bistro Beef Filet before stepping onto the dance floor to the sounds of SOLS, a popular five-piece band.
You will be able to pick up your reservation forms in the Pro Shop after Sept. 4. Tickets will go on sale at our Sept. 18 general meeting, $55.00 per person.
Set up your table of eight. You are invited to include friends who are not Niners to join you. If you do not have a table of eight, no problem. We will make sure you are seated with other fun Niners and friends. Attire is dressy casual, no jackets required for the men.
If you have any questions, please contact Linda Thies, 432-7878, or Ali McKeon, 432-0887.
The next TWI will be published on Sept. 21. Please send me information you want included by Sept. 11.

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