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Wildwood Evacuation Poker Run: Fun & Informative

Virginia Gompertz

“We had over 80 participants in our first ever Evacuation Poker Run,” explains Barbara Tiegs who is Chair of the Fire Preparedness Working Group. At the four evacuation gates, people collected their playing card and evacuation information on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 26th. They also learned about the nuances of each gate and which way to go after leaving Lake Wildwood. Many thanks to Defensible Space Advisors who volunteered to be the gate keepers: Loryanne Christ, Becky Vandiver, Barbara Tiegs and Joseph Padua. At the Sun Forest gate, Hal Tiegs and John Norton escorted people in golf carts to the turn in the road to show exactly where to go on the evacuation route. Otherwise, you would be stuck at a dead end if you missed the unmarked turn.

Carol DelaFuente says, “There’s places I didn’t even know were there.” She said the run was very informative. She explained that during LWW’s past Lobo Fire evacuation, “We just followed everyone else. We didn’t know where we were going.” Now she knows.

“Don’t just follow cars into darkness,” advises Captain Jeff Pettitt, Director of Nevada County’s Office of Emergency Services. “Look around, and if it’s lighter somewhere else, go in that direction.” Fire behavior changes direction as the winds change, and typography (hills, canyons, etc.) can change fire direction too. Go DOWN wind, not into the wind where the fire would be coming from.


FULL HOUSE: Kurt Schlageter won a huge gift basket chocked full of fire “Go-bag” items such as an air horn, wool blanket, first aide kit, etc., compliments from TriCounties Bank.

2 PAIR: Mike Gaynor won a beautiful picnic basket complete with gourmet oil and wine. Compliments of Debbie & Dan Mazorra.

2 PAIR: Tricia Burbank won a fun holiday themed gift with Coffee, Starbucks gift certificate and Halloween mugs. Compliments of Barbara & Hal Tiegs.

Many thanks to Bambi Flanigan and Jeff Jeyser for collecting the cards and tallying the winning hands.

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