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What’s in a Go Bag?

Ronnie Garcia

September is National Preparedness month to promote disaster and emergency planning. Today, we are going to be reviewing the GO BAG. There is so much information about what to pack, that I am listing basic items and suggesting you customize yours by going to the suggested resource web sites at the end.

A GO BAG can be a backpack or a small suitcase with wheels. Pack a separate one for yourself and every member of your household, and keep them stored in the same location to quickly put in your car.

Basic Go Bag:

— Change of clothing, walking shoes, and blanket

— Cash (shoot for $100 in mixed bills)

— Maps of surroundings

— Paper list of contact numbers of family and friends, if a cell is lost or the tower is down.

— While getting ready for a typical day, list every toiletry you use, and then buy a travel-size version of each and pack up.

Documents: Make copies of the following or put on a thumb/flash drive and put in the GO BAG.)

— Birth certificate, passport, marriage license, driver’s license, credit cards front and back (in case lost) will/trust, social security card, medical insurance card, home and car insurance policies, bank account records, etc.

— Photo albums and other irreplaceable keepsakes (use a separate box if necessary)

Everyday use items:

List items you use daily and tape list to OUTSIDE of the GO BAG so you can gather quickly without forgetting. Choose a box ahead of time that will sit up front or in the back seat of the car for quick retrieval.

— Cell phone, with chargers and a backup battery

— Computer/laptop, cords, Password logbook

— Purse/wallet with credit cards, ID, etc.

— Prescription medications


— Food, water, carrier, leashes, medical records

Emergency Kit: (Store in a large plastic box next to your Go Bag.

— First Aid Kit

— Flashlight

— Bottled water, l gallon per person, per day

— Canned food, energy bars

— Multipurpose tool with knife and can opener.

— Radio AM/FM battery powered

— Batteries

— No. 95 face mask

The above is just a suggestion; you might like your bag packed differently. Do you want to be the panic person or the prepared person?

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