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What Is Up With All The Red?

Vince McNamara

As I play golf on many Fridays here at Lake Wildwood, I often hear comments from others: “What is up with all the red” or “I see everyone got the memo.” Among many groups in this golf community, Friday is known as “Red Friday.” Prior to my arrival to Lake Wildwood, I had never heard of Red Friday. Come to find out Red Friday is nationally recognized.

In 2005, military supporters across America started wearing red on Fridays to show support to the service members who protect our freedoms and way of life around the world. More specifically, it is to honor those service members who are deployed. Red stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed.”

Several years ago, Gene Vander Plaats, being the patriot that he is, introduced the concept to his group of eight to ten golf buddies. They began wearing red on Fridays. Of course others would ask: “What is up with the red?”

Since that time the message has traveled and, sure enough, there are a large number of golfers wearing red on Fridays. What a nice way of saying thanks and we are thinking of you. It sends a nice message to our military members that we are grateful for their service. If you like the concept and you are not a Red Friday group, maybe you might want to give it some consideration.

Last week I was preparing to write about all the changes our course will be going to with the new world handicap system — changes to the pars on several holes, changes to the actual handicap on each hole and from each tee box. How about changing the score cards and the monument signs on several holes?

Well, lo and behold, the golf communities spoke up and the USGA and NCGA heard our concerns.

It is my understanding that things will remain as they are right now. We will continue to be a par 72 golf course and that seems to please many of us at Lake Wildwood.

Planning has started for the 2020 Men’s Member Guest Invitational Golf Tournament. This is a very fun event and plans are being made to make it even better this year.

The tournament is open to all property owners and a guest who does not own property here. Mark your calendar for June 7, 8 and 9. More to follow.

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