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‘What? I Think It Went In!’

Mike Dobbins, Editor

I’ve been waiting—and looking forward to—writing a story like this for a very long time!

A few days ago, I witnessed a “Hole-in-One” for the first time in my very long golf-life!

Yep! White Hawk Ranch, just south of Graeagle. Hole #7, 138 yards, Par 3.

Best part? It was my “bestie” brother-in-law, Jim Allen.

Yes, THAT Jim Allen, the Penn Valley contractor, who many of you know because he built, or remodeled, your home. (Construction Etc.)

I started playing this silly sport in my teens. Never scored an “ace.” Never witnessed one, either.

The best part was watching him refuse to believe it or even approach the hole until he’d walked completely around the green looking for his surely “run-past-the-hole-and-into-the-rough” ball.

By this time, the rest of us were giggling and slapping each other. None even approached the green, let alone the flag. We wanted to see his face when he found it there. Trust me, it was worth the wait!

I cannot say what knocking in one of these is like., but I doubt it could be more exciting than watching your friend do it. We laughed and teased him for the rest of the round, for days after, and it still continues with each contact, call, text, or gathering of other friends and the opportunity to tell the story. His wife Dana, was all over him when we returned, too. Oh boy, howdy!

I’m still smiling as I write this a week later. It is that good!

Congratulations, Jim! It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!


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