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Wendy Reddish: Vote yes on Measure V

Last week, voters in the Higgins Fire District received post cards from an anonymous “group of concerned citizens” who urged a NO vote on Measure V, a local measure which would raise the fire tax paid directly to the Higgins Fire District.

This tax would be the first increase in 35 years since a tax of $25/year was approved by the voters in 1980. The following is my response to the misinformation propagated by these anonymous individuals:

1. You say the Fire District “is spending $46,000 of our money” to fund the campaign. Not so! Show me the source document where this is written.

2. You say “parcel taxes are not the primary source of operational funds for Higgins Fire.” Not so! In fact, parcel (property) taxes are the primary source of funds for the fire district. Measure V will be a flat rate special fire tax, identified separately on your property tax bill.

3. “Higgins Fire does not provide any emergency medical services since none of its personnel are [sic] trained as emergency medical technicians.” Wrong again! In fact, all of the firefighters are also EMTs.

4. You claim the firefighters are overpaid. Fact: The firefighters’ starting salary is less than $12 per hour. Hardly a king’s ransom. And this, after hundreds of hours of training and certification. These highly skilled men and women continue to train on a regular basis, and must stay current on all certifications.

Fact: These dedicated firefighters put their lives on the line to save yours every day of their working careers. Would you do the same for $12 per hour?

Anonymous concerned citizens: Your accusations are outrageous and insulting, to our firefighters, and also to the intelligence of the voters in our fire district.

Fact: All of the funds from this successful ballot measure will stay in our fire district to keep our three fire stations open 24/7. The feds, the state and the county can’t touch the money. Honest! Read the source document!

Fact: The tax amounts to less than 39 cents a day. For me, that’s less than the cost of one cup of coffee.

I have seen our firefighters in action. I can speak to their integrity and dedication. I have voted yes on Measure V. I hope all my fire district friends and neighbors will join me in keeping our three fire stations open and fully staffed.

Wendy Reddish is a Higgins Fire District resident.

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