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Well…That’s over…..for now.

Mike Dobbins, Editor

——Before I go crazy with this…a caveat…I enjoy a whole house generator at my home, thus any whining on my part I know is insensitive to those with only candles and bottled water. My apologies-md

I’m writing this Monday, after getting my power back late last Friday. For those who have a memory like mine, to refresh, almost all of Northern California lost power on Wednesday, October 2. (“Lost” is a little squirrelly in this case as it implies“power”was accidently misplaced, and could not be found or fixed.)

In reality, it was turned off on purpose, by our only electrical source, PG&E.

The reason given was, “Expected high winds will present a fire danger.”..etc, etc,etc….”

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With the “Paradise Experience” lingering in our minds, the power company’s decision seemed to make sense. Still does. But the winds never came, not to Western Nevada County anyway, nor to a large portion of the nearly million Northern California homes affected by the shutdown.

Leaving the politics, and PG&E obvious message; “we will show you who’s the boss…,” my focus here is the giant corporation’s incredible disaster of it’s public image.

PG&E failed in communicating with the media, its own website, and especially its customers. Sitting in a warm and comfortable well-lit home early Saturday morning, I was still receiving messages from the electrical giant—on my fully-charged, WIFI served—cellphone that I would get my power back at 11 p.m. Sunday, the following day.

“Thanks, guys. It’s so nice to know that in the future, I can completely count on you to give me the latest and most reliable information.”

Add to this government/corporation public image nightmare, the U.S. Forest Service’s “practice burn” down south fired-up just days before PG&E’s forecasted “wind event” which went out of control, burning a bunch of homes and other stuff there.

Apparently the forest service and PG&E use different chrystal balls in their prognosticating methodology.

And let us not forget the recent news stories about PG&E’s Board of Directors’ giving itself a $1 million bump in pay for each members’ outstanding work—while, at the same time filing for bankruptcy.

Ok. I’m not very knowledgeable about corporations and their financial working, but, as a longtime journalist and former PIO for a Souther California law enforcement agency, timing of such stuff in critical. Anyway you look at this, it is a self-created PR nightmare for our only source of energy. Thus, from me, it gets a final grade of a well deserved “F-minus!”

Dear PG&E:

You may want to take a closer look at your public relations plan. It sucks.


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See you in November. We publish on the 1st (if we still have power). Deadline is October 23.

Be careful out there, word has it a bunch of ghost and goblins will be walking our streets on the 31st.

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