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Brother and sister rescue woman drowning in Lake Wildwood

It seemed like any other Sunday morning in Lake Wildwood, but at approximately 10 a.m. on March 20, 2022, young siblings Nathan and Sydney DuPont, who live in the lake off Forest Park Circle, rescued a woman drowning in Lake Wildwood.

Nathan was in the kitchen when he noticed a woman who appeared to be swimming in the lake. He thought it was odd to be swimming in March, so he ran upstairs to ask his sister, Sydney, to take a look. After listening, they heard the woman screaming for help. They immediately jumped into action by running out of the house, grabbing the stand up paddle board, and running towards to lake. Sydney was yelling to the woman that they were coming and to hold on. At the shore, Sydney used the board to paddle with her hands to get to the woman. Nathan stayed on shore to call 911 and get help.

Once Sydney reached the woman, she realized that there was a dog in the water, too. Sydney put the dog on the board as she grabbed for the woman who was drowning. The water was very cold, so the woman was suffering from hypothermia. The woman kept sinking in the water, but Sydney was finally able to pull her up on the board.

The neighbors heard the kids screaming and came running to the shore. One neighbor and his son brought a kayak out to Sydney on the lake and pulled the paddle board onto shore while Sydney held onto the woman and dog. Once on shore, they wrapped the woman in blankets until the paramedics arrived and transported the semi-conscious woman to the hospital.

During this entire event, the kids’ parents were out running errands. The kids stayed calm and did this all by themselves. We are happy to report that the woman has made a full recovery.

Nathan and Sydney will be honored for their bravery at the Lake Wildwood Association Picnic next weekend.




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