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Walk4YouthPeace1 fundraiser a success

In case you missed it, there was a 30-day ‘walkathon’ in May called the ‘Walk4YouthPeace1’ to raise public awareness/funding for four local youth-related agencies via challenging students and others to see just how many miles they could walk from May 1 through May 30.

I’m happy to say that everyone who took the challenge did quite well and I know that those who couldn’t participate this time will do very well when they become walkers in the next event.

The two most important things that I wanted to achieve with this first event was to demonstrate how Nevada County (youth-related) nonprofits could work together, for the greater good of all young people and for everyone involved to have fun — and we did.

Mission accomplished!

In case you were wondering what possessed me to do something that hasn’t been done before (at least not locally), there were several reasons including the fact that the young people in my life are the coolest and most inspiring people I’ve ever met.

I wanted to show their critics how the kids would respond to a positive challenge.

Not surprisingly to me, they responded big time.

Nearly every student walker walked 100 or more miles and a few walked nearly 200 miles. Wow!

Another reason I embarked on the Walk4YouthPeace1 journey was because my business law professor urged my fellow classmates and I to create our own small business and become entrepreneurs.

I guess I took that request a bit seriously and created ‘youthgonepeaceful’ (ygp2013.com) and because my business is in the business of promoting youth-related agencies (everywhere) I put-together the first event, Walk4YouthPeace1.

All of which, I did within a very short period of time. Why? Because it’s important!

And for those of you who are confused, youthgonepeaceful isn’t a for-profit company because, as everyone who knows me will tell you, I’m not in this for the money.

Some things in life are so much more important and rewarding than money can ever be.

Speaking of important, it’s time to pay tribute to all of very important people who made Walk4YouthPeace1 such a success.

The biggest praise has to go to the youth whose contributions to the event make me so proud of them and excited at the prospect of them fixing our misaligned country.

The top three student walkers were: 1) Jasmine 2) Gunnar and 3) Toni — awesome!

And here’s to the rest who gave it their all, including Emily and Erica (who also graduated this year —Sweet!), Karissa, Antonio, Riley, Brandon, Tim, Tré, Amber, Rachel, Lenora, all the Friendship Club girls, Anna, Denise, Courtney, Jetta, Lisa and to two of my college professors who participated; Bob and Linda, who walked 140 miles with a brace on the lower portion of her left leg — wow!).

The other wows that didn’t walk include the following: BriarPatch for their very generous (pledge) donation — especially Mikey and Stephanie; Papa Murphy’s (next to Save Mart) for their fundraising effort on May 21; Frank and Diane for their generous donations and all the pledge money that Anna, Denise, and Shawntel brought in with their super-human efforts — awesome! And to Pat, Gary for their pledge (and their support).

Speaking of support, I had a lot of all kinds of support with the promotional, logistical, etc., aspects of the event. Said supporters include: KNCO, Sierra College Computer Lab, The Union, Walker’s Office Supplies — folks I could never say enough nice things about, the gang over at Record Connection who’ve kept me rockin’, walkin’ (for the past 3 years and 10,000 miles) by filling my MP3 player with the soundtrack of my life.

Others who kept me goin’ on the Walk4YouthPeace1 ride were Dena (Friendship Club), Cory (The Union), Grace Lutheran Church, Lynn and Tammi (KARE Crisis Nursery), Flour Garden (Sutton), pastor Randy and, of course, Ms. Amazin’.

Most importantly, I must thank God because without his guidance I never would’ve met and grown to love the incredible young people who inspired me to create Walk4YouthPeace1.

I pray that God may always bless and protect all of our incredible young people (everywhere)!

Mike Craig lives in Grass Valley.

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