Vandals Attack #8 Green |

Vandals Attack #8 Green

Well, I wish I had better news to share, but I’m reporting today on a new incident of vandalism to the golf course. Last night, someone dumped an oil based product on the #8 green. The same person(s) did that on #7 green about two weeks ago. These same two putting greens were attacked last year about this time. The oil ultimately kills the grass through dessication. Golfers and employees are the ones left to deal with the damages. These acts of vandalism are a tax on the operating budget. New grass and the labor to install it are direct costs of these acts. Some people may think these are harmless high jinks, but it is truly a crime. Property damage is a punishable offense. We are now looking to install motion activated trail cameras to get control of the situation and put a face on the perpetrator(s). Yet another cost to such nonsense. I would also ask that residents please pay attention and help in stopping this malicious activity. Have you seen anyone around at night with a can of oil? Sad, but true. Sorry that such a nice community has to endure this destructive behavior.

William F Hamilton, CGCS
Director of Agronomy

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