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Upcoming decisions will impact NU football

Dave Humphers resigned as the head coach of the Nevada Union football program this past week. Dave has decided to remain on the teaching staff as a P.E. teacher. It is my understanding from reliable sources that the school does not have an open P.E. teaching position to offer an experienced coach candidate.

The position at NU requires an on-campus coach, a tradition the school has always followed and what most successful high schools adhere to. The head coaching position at NU is not a part-time or a 9-to-5 job. I have been associated with the varsity football teams at NU since 1995 as a super fan and honorary coach. I attend most all of the practices. I have seen up close what the job entails. To have a continuing successful football program as the school has experienced under Dave Humphers’ leadership, his replacement must be a successful teacher/coach with a winning record and attitude. He also must be a person who is willing to put in the required long hours to get the job done, and that’s daily and many, many weekends.

More than 1,000 young men have played varsity football for NU since 1991, and for them to be successful as a player at the high school level, they had to have outstanding coaching. Football teaches a young man very important things about life, such as to get to get to work on time, develop excellent work ethics, how to set goals and accomplish those goals, how to be a team player, how to respect adults and those in authority, how to be disciplined and that success requires dedication in whatever you do in life.

Dave’s program also taught our young men to respect their parents and siblings with special emphasis on how to teat the women in their lives, and last but not least — you must have a good solid education in order to compete in their adult lives. Yes, a young man can learn how to speak and write good English in an English class, but he learns how to be a man from being a part of a tough and winning football program. So many of our young boys look forward to the day when they can wear that NU blue and gold football uniform.

Yes, a young man can learn how to speak and write good English in an English class, but he learns how to be a man from being a part of a tough and winning football program.

Our school district and the administration at NU has the why and wherefore to develop an open P.E. position for a new head football coach; not to do so would not be fair to the present team members and their parents, the school and the community. There is talk of our school board developing an assistant superintendent position. If they can do that, they can develop another P.E. teaching position. I ask you what is more important to the students, the school and our community — creating another school administrative position or providing the school with an on-campus successful full-time head football coach who will lead in the development of our young men into manhood as members of the NU Miner football program?

I have more than 25 years experience as a football coach and have been around high school football for 55 of my 80 long years of life. I am a veteran of the Korean War with 10 years service to my country. I have been close enough to the NU football program to know what it takes to lead such an important high school sports activity.

Dave Humphers and the players who have played under his tutelage have put Nevada Union and our community on the map in California. The NU program has given the players, students, parents and our community something to be very proud of. We cannot sit back and watch what has been accomplished since 1991 go down the tubes because the NU school administration will not open up an additional P.E. teaching position so that a new head coach hired has a real job along with coaching/leading the Miner program. This is a very important position within our community with huge responsibilities that affect our boys and young men. Football builds men with character. That’s why I chose it as an avocation in my early 20s.

Please step in and get this info out into the public arena so that our community knows what is transpiring at Nevada Union. We should not even be considering hiring an off-campus coach with just a football stipend and expect anything really positive to come from such a non-thought-out move.

Jim Black lives in Penn Valley.

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