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Turzak Nets 67 in WGANC Pendant Play

Shari Davis

On April 25 we played the first round of six toward the WGANC Pendant. We played individual Low Net from the Pine tees. This was a Low Net only round. Paying for the Lowest Net of the day only. Congratulations to Sandy Turzak for a nice net 67. Nice golfing, Sandy! Others with special accomplishments were Shari Davis, Chip-in #12; Betty Moyles, Birdie #15; Kay Gilbert, Birdie #14; Dottie Teague, Chip-in #15; Jerri Morello, Chip-in #14; MJ Brusher, Birdie #14

Congratulations, ladies!

Low Net for the Month of April was Gayle Liljeblad with a nice Net 66. Nice golfing, Gayle!

On May 2 we played the second round of the WGANC Pendant Tournament. This week we had regular Sweeps. We played Individual Low Net from the Pine tees. This was also the first round of the EC Tournament. More about the EC later.

Our Low Net for the day was Marilyn Baca with a nice Net 67. Congratulations, Marilyn!

Special Accomplishments for the day were Maddie Graham, Chip-in #6; Karen Price, Birdie #15 and Birdie/Chip-in #5; Shari Davis, Birdie#11; Mary Allred, Chip-in #3; Patricia O’Toole, Chip-in #7; Gayle Liljeblad, Birdie #1; Alma Ortega-Avery, Chip-in #8.

Congratulations to all!

Flight winners on May 2 were:

1st Flight: First Place, Janice Pucci, Gross 94, H.C. 25, Net 68; Second Place, Karen Price, Gross 83, H.C.11, Net 72; Third Place, Jane Butler, Gross 99, H.C.25, Net 74.

2nd Flight: First Place, Marilyn Baca, Gross 95, H.C. 28, Net 67; Second Place, Gayle Liljeblad, Gross 99, H.C. 29, Net 70; Third Place, Mo Mazzocco, Gross 98, H.C. 27, Net 71.

3rd Flight: First Place, Connie Berg, Gross 98, H.C. 30, Net 68; Second Place, Linda Thode, Gross 101, H.C. 31, Net 70; Third Place, Marie Wemple, Gross 105, H.C. 33, Net 72.

4th Flight: First Place, Yvetta Testman, Gross 109, H.C. 40, Net 69; Second Place, Nita Edwards, Gross 107, H.C. 36, Net 71; Third Place, Marion Bennett, Gross 113, H.C. 38, Net 75.

Ties broken using back nine method.

The EC Tournament is underway. If you did not pick up a card for the game, be sure to do so. They can be found in the Pro Shop. If you have any questions, contact Dottie Teague.

I wanted to clarify something with you regarding playing a different tee than the tee designated for play. Per our roster, page 9 and 10, our Club policy is to allow competition from different tees as long as the proper adjustment is taken from the player’s course handicap and if the game is an acceptable format to allow play from different teeing grounds.

This adjustment is determined by subtracting the course ratings of the teeing grounds in question. The difference is how many strokes are added to or subtracted from the players course handicap.

For example, Lake Wildwood’s Pine tee course rating is 70.3 and the Green tee rating is 68.3. The difference is 2.0. If a player chooses to play the Green tees while the rest of the field is playing the Pine tees, our Club policy is to subtract the two strokes from the player’s Green tee course handicap. So, if the player’s Green tee handicap is normally 25 under this scenario, the player’s handicap would be adjusted to 23 for the tournament. Per the USGA handicap system this policy minimizes the impact to the rest of the field.

If you are a woman resident of Lake Wildwood and love to play golf, we would love to meet you. If you are looking to meet some fun gals to play golf with, we would love to have you join us. We play on Thursday mornings. Contact MJ Brusher at 205-9492 for details on how to join our Club.

My next article is due on May 27. If you have any Club-related info you would like to have appear in TWI, please make sure to let me know before that date! Enjoy this great weather and I hope to see you out on the course!

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