Treasures and Trash |

Treasures and Trash

As I “shelter in place,” like many others, I decided to so some cleaning and sorting of all the stuff in storage in the basement. I find myself going through boxes of items that I have collected in my many years of travel as a study-abroad coordinator. I have enough curios from around the world to open my own shop. Yet, most of it is sitting in boxes in the basement. Each trinket represents a place I’ve been or an experience I have had. A bit of my soul. How can I get rid of those??

Then there are the dozens of photo albums: the wedding, the babies, the family and class reunions, the holidays, the vacations, and on and on. And, like everyone else, I have also accumulated shoe boxes full of even more photos that I never had time to organize. These, also, represent stages of my life and the people who were a part of it. Destroying them is tantamount to murder. Of my soul, that is.

I could buy display cabinets and put all my curios on shelves. But that would mean having to dust them off each time I cleaned, and I am not that eager to create more work. I could also scan the thousands of photos into the computer and burn them onto CDs. This monumental job would take years and then I would only end up storing the CDs in more boxes.

So I’ll just leave everything as is. Those boxes of curios, photo albums, and snapshots are truly my treasures. In a generation or two, when children and grandchildren go through what I’ve left behind, they can throw it out because it will definitely be their trash. And, by then, my soul won’t even care.

Stay safe, my friends. I am really missing the smiles and hugs.

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