Too much government is never good |

Too much government is never good

Sharon Delgado, an ordained minister, is correct that there are secret negotiations, behind closed doors, regarding this Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Similar meetings have been held by some wealthy elite — politicians from both sides of the aisle and some corporate leaders from around the world — for over half a century.

These attendees have a reputation for funding both sides of major wars, conflicts, etc.

Their goal is not to “expand corporate rule” or the “construction of a WTO style one-world corporate government to promote unfettered capitalism.” The real goal of these elite meetings is unfettered government, a new world order, a one-world government.

The minister and the majority of Americans need to look no further than what they now support: more government and less economic growth. It is also happening in Europe and Japan as they are also developed economies with aging societies.

The result: more budget deficits, more debt, more unfunded entitlement liabilities and more government dependency, which is mortgaging our children’s future.

High and rising health-care costs are a perfect example of how we are overwhelming our federal budget. Nevertheless, more and more parents seek costly end-of-life care, placing their selfish dependency above their offspring’s tomorrow. Sure sounds like one nation under human nature, not God!

Ms. Delgado knows that God loves all of His children. We are inviting His wrath. From those ashes will rise one power … a one-world government … and the end of our freedom.

To use her words again, a more powerful global government will “extend into every aspect of our lives.”

Finally, “the true destruction of the USA and pillaging of our middle class” is not from too much capitalism. “Outsourcing CEOs” have been forced there, including hiring part-time workers and using technology as we support more costly restrictions on business.

The truth is that never in the history of the world has too much government resulted in long-term economic success, while lifting middle-class citizens to their maximum potential … never!

Rick Farwell lives in Penn Valley.

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