Tony Hardwick: Make America better |

Tony Hardwick: Make America better

In reference to the column written by Stan Meckler in The Union on Aug. 4, I must comment on his rhetoric.

Obviously this is a most unusual election year. I do not know where the Tea Party went. Donald Trump has completely overshadowed them. They appear to be a nonentity, faded to oblivion. But we do know where its founder, Stan Meckler stands. It is with Donald Trump. The title of his piece echoes the rhetoric of Donald Trump, “Ready to make America great again.”

America is still great, but that is not the dark image Trump and the disgruntled, fractured GOP, is presenting.

Meckler states, “By the time we moved to Grass Valley in 2006, the world had changed drastically, and not for the better.” Well, after the reign of George W. Bush, I would agree. His illegal and disastrous invasion of Iraq consumed the life out of our economy. Then came the economic crash.

Just look at how much better off we are now after two elections that installed Barack Obama in office.

This in spite of “The Party of No” obstructing everything he has tried to do.

Taxes and regulations are necessary in order for our government and our people to function and for our people to get the services we need. Tax relief is needed for the lower and middle class, which I assume Mr. Meckler is part of. So, yeah, he needs relief. Taxes need to be shifted to the upper 1 percent who are certainly not paying their fair share. Churches already have “religious freedom” as protected by the Constitution. However, they need to start paying taxes.

As to regulations, we need them to hold in check the employers that would otherwise take advantage of us. We need them to keep in check, the corporations that are polluting and poisoning our precious planet. Without these safeguards, our survival is in great peril.

Here is where I do agree with Mr. Meckler: It is called government overreach. He says he has been the victim of this. Just try to open a business or build a house in this county and not be thwarted every step of the way with unreasonable restrictions and unrelenting mitigation fees. There is a particular breed of people who seek this kind of employment or public office, and then they take on an officious attitude of power. Not all, but many.

He laments all the people who are unemployed or on food stamps. That is a convenient stance to suit his mood of the moment. Most of the time the conservatives have no compassion for them, dismissing them as slackers who do not want to work.

Anti gun control? More NRA rhetoric. Nobody is going to take away your guns. National debt? That is beyond your and my control.

Healthcare? The big problem with Obamacare is that it was a giveaway to the insurance companies and Big Pharma. They do their piggy gouging like they always have and always will. We need single payer healthcare.

Regarding the November election, neither candidate will be good for “We The People.” I would feel a lot better if Mr. Meckler and others who parrot Trump’s rhetoric and change it to “Make America better.”

That is a continuous endeavor regardless of party. Isn’t that what we all want?

Tony Hardwick lives in Grass Valley.

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