Todd Juvinall: It’s the Democrats with the extreme views |

Todd Juvinall: It’s the Democrats with the extreme views

From President Obama’s executive actions to the locals parroting “climate change” and defending infanticide, it seems Democrats have organized the “extremist club” and they must have a “handbook” leading them.

The locals on the Democrat Central Committee are afraid to tell you they are on the committee or even a paid activist. Why is that? Is that in the “handbook”?

If you say extremist liberal things, the people may not connect you to the Democrat party if you don’t tell them? So that is what they do.

Lately we have seen a full-court press by the local democrats to convince people “climate change” is caused by humans. After all my research, it appears to be a hoax.

Just another liberal extremist power grab to control you. If you can control the “carbon atoms” of a person then you have won the ultimate political power.

If you doubt me, look at California government today. The politicians have passed many laws, new energy taxes and empowered many regulatory agencies to keep track of you and your power usage. Your “carbon” use. Your “carbon footprint.” They have even created a new currency, a new money! Carbon credits!

Democrats are now trying to convince everyone the planet is at risk from “climate change” caused by humans, so hey! Turn over the rest of your lives to the government, we know best they say. Well, not so fast.

Even though we see these scare-mongering Democrats writing letter after letter to the press, we conservatives have been fighting the hoax these Democrats are peddling.

I have been telling folks for 20-plus years, the hoax of “man-made global warming” is all about politics, not about science. And it appears I was correct. Why would we have a country of freedoms and then just give those freedoms up for this hoax?

Power and money is the answer. Some estimates are the “industry” of the climate hoax has transferred more than a trillion dollars of your money to the pockets of the hoaxers.

That money should have been spent on real problems here in America. But as we see the thousands of “nonprofits” that have sprung up to divvy up the “free money,” we see the reasons for hoax. Power and money, wielded by the extremist Democrats.

If we let them, these extremists will be metering your wells, they already meter your electricity and gas through PG&E smart meters. What’s next?

It is my experience that when someone tries to alert the people of some of these power grabs the Democrats open their Saul Alinsky playbook (“Rules for Radicals”) and go about trying to destroy the messenger. We see that right now with the Planned Parenthood issues.

While the Democrats tell everyone the videos taken of police arrests by a person with a telephone camera are to be absolutely believed, the videos of the meetings with Planned Parenthood officials are to be dismissed. Don’t believe your lying eyes, you fools!

Watching the congressional hearings on Planned Parenthood, the Democrats on the committee actually attacked the Republican chairman for asking the Planned Parenthood CEO, a woman, what her salary is? They called the chairman a misogynist.

The Planned Parenthood CEO makes $530,000 plus benefits every year of taxpayer money! But the Democrats wanted to change the subject. That is their strategy.

The Democrats think you all are stupid and will follow them anywhere. I hope you don’t fall for their tactics and follow them over the cliff.

The presidential season is now being forced upon our country and we all have to listen to the yapping of those TV “talking heads.” They tell us what we actually saw and heard right before they go on the air.

I personally have experience listening to politicians. I know what they said. I also know the difference between horse pucky and the truth. But Democrats don’t think you can discern the “truth” without their talking points.

I try to not have a knee-jerk reaction to anything anymore. A little research and reading should be part of any belief system. But those extremist local and national Democrats think you are all just lemmings. Don’t be a lemming!

Todd Juvinall, a former Nevada County supervisor, lives in Nevada City.

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