Today’s government ‘most corrupt in history’ |

Today’s government ‘most corrupt in history’

I wrote an article back in June regarding bankers resigning. It has been continuing.

Last week Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit abruptly resigned, along with COO John Havens. This is a big mystery because their stock went up and just like the previous bankers that have resigned in the last year, something big is happening.

Why would these guys quit a very high-paying job? Looks like perhaps they all have been asked to resign in cooperation to reduce their time in prison for bank fraud, money laundering and many other crimes.

Two other significant resignations include the two top people at the IRS who both resigned. There is also a recent case to be heard by the Supreme Court regarding the legality of the IRS.

The other big news not covered by our media is the 99-year charter of the Federal Reserve has expired. This charter cannot just be renewed to a bunch of criminals. Yes, I said criminals.

They may not be arrested yet, but they did create $16.1 trillion last year and gave it away to bankers and corporations here in America and all over the world. That is a lot of money.

It’s like if you had 16,000 friends and gave them all $1 billion. This was done without approval of Congress, who mysteriously have done nothing about this. is it perhaps because most of Congress is paid off by these banker criminals?

At the present time, it is this writer’s opinion that we have had the most corrupt government in the history of our country. How did it get this way?

In my research, it goes back to 1871 when Congress did what it had no power to do. They created a government for the District of Columbia (The Act of 1871). They created a corporation and named it the same name as our country. This corporation is registered with the UK. For proof see Title 28, Section 3002.

Corporations are in business to make money and our corporation is no different, except that it has been very corrupt and greedy. With our country as a company like Taco Bell or IBM, it ignores the Constitution, because that document does not apply to corporations. The judges work for the corporation.

As a corrupt corporation, it has started every war since World War II, created the IRS, and written laws to take away our rights. The Patriot Act was already written prior to 9/11, and our paid-off Congress was just told to sign it without reading it because the corporation ordered them. Only Ron Paul refused to sign it.

With our elections coming up, this corporation has done a great job of stealing our votes. The Hart and Diebold black box voting machines have been hacked in less than five minutes. When you go to Kmart to buy something, there are at least 37 security checkpoints involved when your card is swiped. These are designed to make sure you have a valid account, your money is safe and no one can have access to your account or information.

When you vote with black box voting, there are zero security checkpoints. The only way anyone’s vote counts today is if you vote absentee.

The election is not about the electing of our next president. It is the election of the CEO of the corporation called the United States. We have all been made citizens of this corporation when our birth certificates were signed and given to the United States company.

Proof of this can easily be found when you look at your name on government and bank records. It is in ALL CAPS. Proper English dictates only the first letter is capitalized in your name. ALL CAPS signifies you are a corporation, a citizen of the corporation in Washington D.C.

Lots of people have tried to figure out how our government can ignore the people, create FIAT currency, start wars without declaring them and borrow every dollar from a private bank at interest. It has all been done by a corporation called the United States.

Word is that in the next couple of weeks, we will see the beginnings of mass arrests of bankers and politicians. Our military has not been bought and paid off like our Congress. Like I said before, don’t panic. This is all very good news. It includes debt forgiveness for bank fraud, and a return to lawful money, and also no more lawyers in office in America.

Karl Meyers lives in Rough and Ready.

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