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Time to Start Poking Holes in the Ground

William F Hamilton, CGCS
Director of Agronomy

All the seasonal starting signs are in place. School has started again. Pre-season football has started. And the first leaves are starting to drop from the trees. That means it’s the autumn, time to start poking holes in the ground.

Aerification season will begin next week with the biannual punching of the tee boxes.

We like to get this done before Labor Day during regular play so that the tees will be done and healed by the time Aerification Week comes around.

This year we’ll be closing for greens and fairway aerification on Tuesday through Thursday, Sept. 10–12. Hopefully you’ve made your off-site aerification vacation plans already. Be sure to check with your away golf course to see if they too are not in the middle of making a mess as well.

The typical question is usually: “Why do you have to aerify when things are looking so good right now?”

The answer is: “To keep them looking good for the long run.” The short-term answer is to ensure good growing conditions for rapid healing of the holes.

If we were to aerify in the cold weather, the greens and fairways would struggle to regrow enough to cover up the holes in a timely manner.

The other thing that we will have to do in September and October is to seed the ryegrass in the fairways. Thanks to the overwhelming approval of last year’s overseeding venture, we’ll be doing it again this season.

Here again, timing is of the essence. Got to get the seed down and germinated before the frosts come. Once the ground turns cold, growth stops.

You may want to plan ahead for your own yard if you’re one of the few residents that still has turf to mow. In the meantime, enjoy the remains of summer.

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