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Time to Evacuate: What Could Go Wrong?

Jeff Heyser

— You never heard of a Red Flag Warning so you didn’t know about dangerous fire conditions.

— You forgot to sign up for Code Red and make them a “favorite” on your phone, so you did not get the evacuation notice.

— You signed up but you still did not get the Code Red alert. You didn’t have an Emergency Alert Buddy as a second way to get an evacuation alert.

— You have an Emergency Alert Buddy but forgot to make them “favorites” for text messages on your iPhone. You didn’t get text messages on nighttime privacy settings (or maybe your phone or ringer was shut off).

— You didn’t get a Defensible Space Advisory visit. By the time you evacuated the juniper plants along your driveway were on fire and you could not evacuate.

— You weren’t part of the Neighborhood Group so you didn’t know to have a “go bag” ready. You spent an extra half-hour getting things together that you would need after you evacuated.

— By the time you left home, the traffic was backed up to your driveway. All the Neighborhood Group people were in line ahead of you.

— You ran out of gas waiting in line to evacuate.

It’s all on you!

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