This rain needs to stop! |

This rain needs to stop!

Call it what you will — sod soaker, gully washer, toad strangler or turd floater — this rain needs to stop. We have too many things to do and each rainy day we’re getting more and more behind. We have worn out three red “cart path only” flags this winter. I now have moss growing on my north side.
For this rainy season, the total is now 52.53 inches of water and climbing. Every pore space in the soil is now completely saturated. Each drop of rain now moves laterally and ends up going over the dam.
It would be nice to get some mowing equipment onto the grass but they would sink into the earth like quicksand. We are patiently waiting to remove the oak tree on #18 fairway until the ground can support a backhoe.
We have painted tee markers, ball washers, the shop lunchroom and bathroom. I’m sick of Navajo White.
Since March has arrived as the proverbial lion, it will soon start moving into lamb mode. When the rain stops and the nights get warmer, the grass and vegetation will then go into spring flush mode. That’s the overwhelming time when it’s a challenge to keep up, and everyone is chomping at the bit to get back on the turf.
The spring frenzy is coming soon to a golf course, park and weed patch near you. Sharpen your blades now. — William F Hamilto

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