There are consequences for uninformed vote |

There are consequences for uninformed vote

The Other Voices article, in the Oct. 27 paper, pointed out the dangers to our country by voting in our elections when one has not studied the issues and people he/she is voting for. I have a prerequisite for anyone voting for the presidential candidates Nove. 6.

Do you know who these four men are — Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Chris Stevens?

These courageous men are the latest great American heroes. Ambassador J. Chris Stevens, Informational Management Officer Sean Smith, U.S. Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty all gave their lives in the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, while fighting off terrorists. Woods, knowingly disregarding direct orders, followed his heart and training as a SEAL. He did the right thing (a man of the right stuff). He went to the rescue of his countrymen. I understand he saved quite a few lives that day. Unfortunately, his own life was lost, as he gave away his own position while pointing out where the terrorists were gathered. He had every reason to think that the aircraft above head was going to take the terrorists out and save our people. There was only one person who could have given the go-ahead to enter another country, on property considered U.S. territory (as our embassies are), to protect our own. Basically, that person gave an order to stand down and allow our men to die.

Our Commander in Chief had already denied this embassy and staff sufficient protection, although it was requested multiple times and was actually attacked twice before. As the terrorist movement began, the embassy called out to the White House for help several more times. Again they were denied help. Our servicemen and women expect their fellow warriors, as well as our Commander in Chief to support them. They deserve the support they have always had since the conception of our country. To do otherwise is an act of treason when an act of war against our country and countrymen is taking place.

The investigation will be stalled until after Nov. 6. You will not likely be told any of these facts until after the election, if then. But by your research on line, through news media that have not been made prosperous by the liberal believers, you can find out the truth for yourself. On Sept. 11, 2012, our country lost four decent, patriotic heroes. Their families not only grieve, but ask why their loved ones were left on their own to die? There were several incidents just as heinous before this one, involving rules of engagement which left our men and women vulnerable and likely to be killed. Many did lose their lives as well. How long will we allow our once great country to be torn down from within and allow a liberal mainstream media help cover it up? Both our citizens, and especially our men and women in the services, deserve better. There is no do-over for this action. The best we can do is to bury our heroes with the highest honors and our appreciation for putting themselves in harm’s way on our behalf. While you still have the right to vote, be certain it is a well-thought-out vote. There are consequences for a stupid vote.

I find it quite interesting that Ambassador Steven’s grandfather’s nickname was “Chief.” I do not know why he was given this name. But, for myself, I would prefer to have had my life in his hands.

Janet Farahmand lives in Nevada City.

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