The truth about Lyme disease |

The truth about Lyme disease

There are two competing theories about germs and disease that have come through history.

The philosophy actually starts way back with Hippocrates and Galen and is really defined in the late 1800s by Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp.

Pasteur said that germs cause disease, and Bechamp stated that germs live in a diseased terrain.

Lyme disease today is said to be caused by a bite of the tick and the patient getting infected by a germ called Borrelia.

Lyme disease has become totally epidemic now and is growing and spreading rapidly.

I have discovered that each patient that has a diagnosis of Lyme disease has a different set of symptoms, which does not fit the concept of the germ theory of disease. Upon taking the history of these patients, I discovered that many of them have had major surgery, usually within a year of diagnosis of Lyme disease. I, in my practice, look at the patient as if it were a eight-cylinder car built by God, and most of my Lyme disease cases were working only on four or five cylinders.

The greatest cause of loss of the cylinders was surgery. Cutting the body with a knife and throwing away the uterus or the gallbladder because it is not necessary have been major causes of the loss of three or four cylinders.

I also have a number of cases that were caused by vasectomies.

A man produces millions of sperm a day, and doing a vasectomy stops that up, and where do the sperm go?

I have found that the whole pelvic area becomes inflamed following things like vasectomies.

When I treat those areas using a concept called neural therapy, lo and behold, the inflammation disappears, and so does the so-called Lyme disease.

I have been studying the living blood for more than 30 years now, and I can follow the chronicity of disease by just studying the platelets. As we get acutely inflamed and ill, the platelets increase in size and number, and then as we get more chronically ill, they decrease in size and number.

Just by studying the platelets, I can tell how long and how ill the patient is.

That is very important because the law of biological medicine is to treat a person below his aggravation point.

Also in the live blood, there are number of things that are moving and living there that there is no name for in United States history, and that is because I am only the third American physician to look at the live blood in the past 100 years.

These little guys that are moving are called symprotites or “symbionts” by the French and the Germans.

They are the key to the immune system, and I can see if the immune system is over-reactive or running out of gas.

When I use my neural therapy, and my treatments are right, then the symbionts will change in number and become less active because my therapy is controlling the inflammation.

Also, when the activity changes because my treatments are right on the money, the physical body starts to work on more cylinders and now is less fatigued.

If I can take that eight-cylinder car that’s only working on four or five cylinders and make it work on seven or eight cylinders, then as a result, the Lyme disease dramatically disappears.

At the present time, I have cured a number of cases of Lyme disease, and modern medicine does not have a cure rate for that disease.

Just to give you my background, I am a trained medical doctor, and I was a trauma surgeon in Vietnam.

I gave up traditional medicine almost 40 years ago because I found that traditional medicine never cured a chronic disease but only suppressed it by using pharmaceutical medicine.

Pharmaceutical medicine not only suppressed symptoms but also has a number of “side” effects that were highly negative also.

I put quotes on side effects because side effects means things probably won’t happen. Yet, if I give you something to take orally, it will succeed on its primary goal, but there will be a lot of negative “direct” effects. You can look up my theories and philosophies on my website which is and that will tell you a lot about me and my work. For those of you who are frustrated with your Lyme disease, come to me, and I will figure out the real reason you are fatigued. Remember that I believe it is the terrain that is the problem and not the germ.

I will be giving a talk at the BriarPatch from 2 to 4 p.m. Feb. 23 on Lyme disease with questions and answers also.

Harvey Bigelsen, MD, lives in Nevada City.

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