The Perks of Working in a Park |

The Perks of Working in a Park

The best thing about working outside on a golf course or in a park is that there is constant change. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s true.

There is always something new to deal with, or a never-ending list of things to improve upon. Autumn has now arrived, and the foothill colors are beautiful as usual. Early low temperatures have turned the Bermuda grass to a golden hue and the maples a brilliant red.

With the seasonal change, the fall chores now include finishing up the ryegrass overseeding and getting the rakes, blowers, and sweepers ready for the onslaught of leaves hitting the ground.

Tree leaves will drop from now until early December. The rate of which is usually dependent upon how much rain comes along to help knock them down. Our annual fall reminder to golf course residents is to please not use the Golf Course asa dump site for your trees’ droppings.

We seriously have enough of our own deciduous tree leaves to deal with and are not pleased with our neighbors, or their landscapers, blowingtheir own leaves onto our golf course. It is always in your best interest to pick them up once yourself. Nobody likes to deal with the same leaves twice.

Additionally, golfers should be ready for the impending frost delays to early morning tee times. We’ve had a few light frosts already and the big ones will be coming soon.

Please check the “Golf Course Conditions and Frost Delays” on the lwwa.orgwebsite for up to the minute details. It’s always best to check the website in your pajamas than get all dressed up and come early to the Course when the shotgun starts at 11 a.m.

It’s deja vu all over again.

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